Clipping Mask Illustrator is one of the brilliant Illustrator’s designs to edit photos and turn it to a better one. Clipping mask is really a big help in illustrator in creating beautiful designs and artworks.

What is a Clipping Mask?

  • A shape called the clipping path that masks any objects underneath it, enabling the object inside the object to be seen only in the artwork.

Things to note about clipping masks:

-          The object you’d like to clip must always be below the clipping path.

-          You can only use one clipping path at a time.

-          One or more items can be clipped.

-          Clipped objects must be in the same group or layer.

-          It does not crop artwork.

-          The stroke and fill of the clipping mask will disappear.

-          You cannot make a clipping mask after a group.

  • A piece in Illustrator that allows you to mask out an image that you positioned within the Illustrator file.
  • Clipping Mask Illustrator is very useful, but can get convoluted really fast for a beginner.

Reasons Why Some People Say Clipping Mask Illustrator Is Complicated.

Clipping mask illustrator is not so complicated, there are just some things that…

  • When you are using a clipping mask, the artwork has now been grouped in the clipping mask. If you are not self-assured working with groups, this might be a problem and get confusing to you.
  • It can be painful resizing the mask itself if you want your mask to get smaller without making any changes in your artwork.
  • You might also find it painful to give your clipping mask a stroke or fill.

Clipping Mask Illustrator

As a beginner, you need to make some adjustment in using this tool but as you go into your tutorial or your training, you will find out that clipping mask illustrator is not a hard thing to use, henceforth, it only needs time and a little effort.



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