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Background Removal Services Make your Business way high Converting sales!

An image background is a part of a picture in the rear (not on the foreground). Normally when a photo is taken, there are components seen in the Removal background services depending on where the photo is taken. In some cases, people pose for photos in front of lovely backgrounds with the intention of the background appearing on the final picture.

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However, in some cases, a photo may be taken at scenes which are not to the owner’s preference. An owner will, therefore, wish the important part of the image be separated from its background. Our photo editing business will make a customer’s request of a background being removed become real.

Cases In Which Background Removal Services Is Need?

Background removal could be used in several cases and for different reasons. For example, when you need to restore a destroyed or a faded photo, then most probably the background removal technique could be applied so the editor could restore or totally remove the background or even use a new background either a color or a different element. And in our days where the photos are playing an important role on the internet, the technique can be applied to remove the background of product photos that are needed to be placed to list products on sites like eBay, Amazon and more. And anyway background removal could be used to erase the background of a photo and isolate elements on the foreground.

background removal services

The editorial process of Background Removal Services

1. We offer this service to clients at a pocket-friendly price and within the shortest time possible. It is only at our studios that you will find such a high-quality service at pocket-friendly services. The service distribution channel chart is very simple. A customer reports to our business with the image/images to be edited.

2. The client then makes his order for the service.

3. After the order is made, the charges are agreed on, and payments are made.

4. Once the customer is given a receipt, the work begins.

5. The standard delivery time is 24 hours. However, there are particular cases. If you wish your image edited urgently, we offer our services in just four hours.

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Qualified and efficient staff

Our business is made up of 45 highly qualified professionals who are already competent with the job. The professionals are employed after thorough, intense interviews, and the best are picked from the many who apply for jobs in our business. Once they are hired, they are trained on what is expected of them.

The company strives to ensure that its employees are satisfied since a motivated employee offers best services. A customer is therefore guaranteed that the work done is to the best standards. The employees work on a daily basis. As a result of this, a client is ensured that in spite of the bulkiness of work they may present, it will be completed within the agreed time.


Use Of The Most Sophisticated Photo Editing Tools

We at use the most sophisticated photo editing tools available in the market. Our main editing programs are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. With these tools our highly professionally trained team can provide the best possible results for any photo and editing, we will be called to do.

The Photoshop version CS6 which we use has a variety of tools which can be used to remove the background of an image. They include the pen tool, lasso tool, polygonal lasso, and the magnetic lasso tool among others. These tools are easy and convenient to use thus make sure that the work is done in the shortest time possible which is the wish of all our clients. It also ensures that the end product meets the consumer’s requirements.


We also use Corel draw/Corel photo paint software to remove image backgrounds. This software has a highlighter tool which we use to highlight the part of the image you want and delete the other part of the image which the customer wants to be removed using the eraser tool. With these two tools, our professionals ensure that background removal is at its best such that not even small edges of the unwanted background are visible.


Make the Order at your Convenience

One can choose to come to our business premises, make online orders or make orders through the phone. For those clients who make calls or make orders through online means, they are given a business email to which they are expected to send the images. A shipping fee for the delivery is agreed upon, and once the work is complete, the deliveries are made. The delivery fee varies with the distance to which the final documents are to be delivered.

Prices and Incentives

Price is based on the number of images and size of the image. The bigger the image, the more you will pay for it. Similarly, the smaller the image, the cheaper it is. We offer volumes of discounts for big orders by our clients. Loyal customers are also given a discount to appreciate their loyalty to the business. Referral incentives are also awarded. The business has a pay bill number. For those who pay in cash, they should always demand a receipt once they make a payment. This will act as proof that a payment has indeed been made.


Open Annual Official Competitions

The business holds an annual contest in our premises whereby; people are encouraged to present their best-edited images within a specified amount of time and the most impressive competitor walks away with a prize. The winner is also offered a job in the business and is given a good starting salary. All people are invited for this process, and no favoritism is applied when deciding on the winner. All genders are encouraged together with the less disabled.

Future inquiries and contact information

The business has business cards which are offered to clients or potential customers who may consider inquiring about our services in the future. The business cards contain our contacts and small sample photos of our work. They also include information on the service we offer to inform the clients.

Online background remover, get it via

Foundation of a photo assumes a vital part in a perfect picture. Whether it is your accumulation or need a photo for your professional purposes, you are required to roll out essential improvements with a specific end goal to enhance its quality. Individuals with a craving of changing the foundation of their photographs can quit foundation removing alternative. Removing a foundation would give your photo gathering another look and advance so you can upgrade its appearance with no bargain of its quality. A propelled picture improving innovation would assist you with having a photo with another foundation, or you can only cut your image when you need to keep it with an ugly foundation.

It happens, when a picture valuable for your business notice needs some extraordinary components to be added and a couple to be uprooted. By making a couple of significant changes, you would get an entirely changed picture which can be utilized anywhere to advance your image or business. You would find it a touch difficult to evacuate a picture's experience without knowing specialized methods, so you have to profit professional's help to uproot offensive elements, as well as to uproot its experience also.

Our expertise in online background remover

Considering the mastery of professional photograph foundation remover is by all accounts more profited than doing it yourself. Along these lines, you can find out the best professional to expel foundation from the photograph whether you require a picture with no foundation or with a changed organization.

Only an irregular foundation can ruin your photo collection, and a superior one can add an appealing appeal to finish your picture perfect. Mastery of professionals would assist you with having a totally redesigned photograph collection loaded with pictures that can likewise be utilized to meet your financial needs. This is the slightest costly procedure to having a photo which suits to the theme of your commercial in a superior way.


Presently, your should not be worried about the nature of your photographs as professional administration can likewise enhance your quality alongside stitching so as to create an all-encompassing perspective your photos together and to restore its quality. Go online to contact the online professional to benefit administration for your business and additionally individual purposes. We are doing this work manually. We are working well because clients paying us and we need to give you the value of your money.


Guaranteed Quality Of Background Removal Services

Our policy is to offer the best quality photo editing services. We can talk to our clients. We work on the principle of first come first served. Workers are monitored and supervised to ensure that they give the best output that meets the client’s needs. We believe that customers are our bosses and treat them with the utmost respect. The business strives to meet the client’s needs in all aspects ranging from the : pricing of services, photo background removal to deliveries to our customers. We encourage our customers to spread the word about our business to others who may need our services.


So if you need to the editor to remove the background of any of your images, then look no further! Get rid of the unwanted background of your favorite and precious photos now! It doesn’t matter how bad the background is. At our premises, we use technology combined with experience to deliver results.
We are here to provide you the best possible photo background removal services!



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Clipping Path Asia FAQs

What are your payment options?
Clipping Path Asia accepts PayPal, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, MasterCard, American Express, Direct Debit or Solo. You also have the option to transfer the payment to our bank account.

You can set up a monthly payment system for recurring works for Enterprise Clients

Can I set up a recurring payment weekly or monthly?
Yes, we have an option for that. Our bulk order clients send us a lot of work requests throughout the year, and they find it easy to pay us with a payment system. We create an invoice with all important information such as the price, type of service request, batch number and quantity, and the date whenever you send an order. You can check the invoice to make sure everything is in order, then make the payment.
Can I get an official receipt?
Definitely! The official invoice will be given along with your work details.
Do I need to make a deposit?
Absolutely! Clipping Path Asia has two option you can make payment along with submitting the order or only accepts your payment if you are 100% satisfied. But made payment before is most priority.
Can you tell me when the images are processed and done?
Sure! You will receive an email once your images are done and ready to download.
Do you have a direct FTP transfer?
Yes, we do. you can request your FTP access contact us page. We highly recommend you use FileZilla to connect to Clipping Path Asia FTP site, which can be found at
What image format do you use?
We are flexible and can work with your given requirements. The final image format can be any kind, whether you need it to be JPG for clipping path purposes, or TIFF, PSD or PNG if you need masking. If you have a specific format in mind, feel free to let us know.
How can I upload or download my images?
We have a large selection of websites in which you can easily transfer and receive your images through our website or,, and You may also send and receive it via FTP if you wish!
Are all my images safe and secure with Clipping Path Asia?
Your images are 100% safe with us. All our staff has signed and agreed to a non-disclosure agreement in which they cannot take any image outside the workplace, or use it other than to complete your job order. We also have protective firewalls on all our equipment and use the latest antivirus software on each computer.
Can you standardize my images for eBay or Amazon?
Most definitely. Our eBay and Amazon-approved standardization documents are available to sweeten your Amazon webshop images.
What if I am not satisfied with your images?
We rarely have customers who are unhappy with our finished products.Don`t worry, send us an email and our company will have it checked right away and correct any errors you might have ASAP.This service is complimentary, and you wouldn't need to pay anything extra.

you can reject through our website. your payment will go my credit . you can use this credit further orders.

How long will it take to complete my order?
The time it takes will largely depend on how much your project is, or the complexity of the job, but we will immediately estimate it for you once we receive your quotation request or order. Most orders are finished within 24 hours while smaller jobs (5 to 20 images) can be delivered within 6 to 12 hours. We understand that sometimes a rush job is needed and we can fully support that special request. Just let us know so that we will prioritize your order.
Do you give a volume discount?
Sure! We have custom rates for clients who come to us and wish to process more than 3000 images monthly. You may contact our managers by filling out this form if you fulfill the minimum requirement.
How could you afford such a low and competitive pricing?
Our company is based on a low labor cost region, where our in-house group of expert QA staff works every day to hone their skills to perfection. Their dedication and commitment to quality allow our company to put up very competitive prices while maintaining the high level of product quality our clients love.
Can I get a free trial?
Most definitely! We can give you 3 free trial images to start with as a new customer. We are very proud of our product’s high-quality images, production system and turnaround time and we want you to experience our amazing service firsthand! You may claim your free trial by clicking HERE.
Who have you worked with in the past?
We have worked with a great number of the world’s best fashion, eyewear, footwear, activewear, furniture and retail companies.