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August 15, 2020

There are many reasons why removing the background from an image is a common technique. Be it for professional applications, social media use or even job applications, achieving a high-end result often comes with eliminating the backdrop from photos of all kinds.

In some circumstances, the feature pieces of a shot – like a product – need to be relocated to another, more appealing background. But with this technique comes fiddly work, all of which can be frustrating to deal with if you’re not an expert with editing software.

Fortunately, there are options online that let you do this quickly and easily, all without having to try your hand at this finicky task.

Using online software to remove a background from an image

Several online tools will take care of your background removal needs through a subscription model. Canva is one of the more common options and has a built-in tool that uses artificial intelligence to pick statement features out from an image automatically. This online program simplifies a lot of the processes built into robust editing programs like Photoshop, too.

Other options – like Picmonkey, PhotoScissors and Clipping Magic – also reflect some of the more notable and popular picks on the market.

The point to note here, though, is that these solutions are great for beginners who need to remove a background from an image online, but they often produce results that can look noticeably automated. For home, school or basic projects, these online options will get the job done – but on a reduced level. For high-level projects – like website design and marketing collateral – more extensive and advanced features are typically required.

How to outsource your photo editing

Luckily, if you’re after highly professionally results or need more complicated work done, solutions like those at Clipping Path Asia are the best option on the market.

We offer an accessible online resource to get all of your deep etches, and other photo editing needs to be completed quickly, all at competitive rates. We also include a range of other benefits within this suite of services – including hair and skin retouching, background changes, the addition of shadows and garment touch-ups for the perfect final result.

All of our image retouching work is completed by real professionals in the space, all of whom are backed by authentic industry experience and credentials. As the quickest and most affordable way to achieve high-end results, we recommend getting in touch with our team or opt to give our solution a go with a free trial.

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