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September 26, 2020

Selling on Amazon takes a different twist from other platforms as you have to make your products visible. Visible not just to everyone, but to potential customers. This is why the images you put on Amazon are very important to your business and your customers.

Why are these product images important?

Amazon images are important because they help to give customers an insight into your products. Images also give the first impression that your customers will decide on whether to click the product or not. Most importantly, images on Amazon play a major role in helping you close more sales.

Is that all?

No, do you know that with high-quality images, you can win more sales than your competitors on Amazon? Yes, you can, and that is why you need to have your product images on Amazon well optimized to influence customer decision. This is where knowing what Amazon image requirements 2020 become important. This way, you can know how to make sure your photos fit these requirements.

So, what is the Amazon Image Requirements 2020?

These requirements are pretty simple and the most important of them is the technical Amazon image requirements. These requirements provide for some general rules that need to be followed to ensure product images meet the expectations of sellers. These technical requirements include

Images must come in TIFF, JPEG, GIF, or PNG format

The dimensions of images must not be less than 1000 in height or width and color mode can either be sRGB or CMYK mode.

Product images must be named in line with the product identifier (Amazon ASIN, 13-digit ISBN, EAN, JAN, or UPC), a period, and the file extension.

You are not allowed to make use of spaces, dashes or any additional character in the file name.

How about the product image standards?

Yes, for the product image, Amazon has set some standards which include that images must be the professional photo of the product and must be in focus. These image standards include:

Product images must be the cover art of the product put for sale.

Product images must be in focus using realistic colors and must not contain confusing additional objects.

The product must be in a frame and should fill 100% of it.

Amazon does not allow for pornographic or offensive material.

Also, you are not allowed to make use of drawings or illustrations of the product. Where the product images include books, music, and DVD, then it must be the front cover art. Most importantly, you are not allowed to make use of promotional stickers and cellophane.

Let’s talk about the Amazon image size

For your product image to fit within the Amazon’s image requirements, it has to be of a very high resolution. This way, customers when accessing the product can zoom in and out on it. The essence of this requirement is to allow customers or prospects to see every detail of the product.

Then, there is the lighting and colour correction

Another Amazon image requirement is that your product images should be displayed on a white background. This way, customers can identify your product easily especially on multiple pages. You are advised to make use of professional photography as it gives you an edge over other products and makes your product visible than others.

How about additional product photos?

Certain recommendations have been provided by Amazon for additional images and they are similar to those of the main product. The most important of these recommendations is that the additional image must be of the main product being sold. It, however, disallows the use of offensive images. You can offer multiple photos of your products as that can help to increase sales.

So, let’s wrap up!

Amazon image requirements 2020 are put in place for you and to ensure that your business thrives better. It is aimed at making sure your products become more visible to both your prospects and customers. With this visibility, you can enjoy more sales in the marketplace.

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