You sell more your products- 100% quality photo editing

You sell more your products- 100% quality photo editing

Here is the complete list of those. Just check this out:

1. The long-rumored darker and modern user interface

2. Redesign and cleanup of all icons, buttons, dialogs – and new rich cursors

3. New Content-Aware Move, Extend, and Patch Tools, plus a better Content-Aware Fill


Photoshop CS6 newly included terrific video editing from a DSLR:

4. Terrific [DSLR] video editing in both Standard and Extended versions, for many formats*

5. Skin-Aware Masking with Face Detection – auto-generation of skin-tone masks

6. Complete overhaul of 3D in Photoshop CS6 Extended – 1 tool now does the work of 14


How about some realistic brushes:

7. Some great new (and realistic) brushes – Erodible Tips and Airbrush Tips

8. Brand new Camera Raw7 technology like in Lightroom 4

9. White Balance and Noise Reduction as a selective Brush

10. Text/Character Type Styles and Paragraph Styles

11. Adaptive Wide Angle Lens Correction to fix distortion and straighten lines

12. Enhanced and more flexible Brush Pose, Brush Projection, and Color Dynamics


Pixelbender is now Build in for Oil Painting filter:

13. Pixel Bender now built into Photoshop CS6 for the oil painting filter

14. Rewritten vector engine, real vector strokes with Dashed and Dotted Lines

15. Mercury Graphics Engine gives 10-100X faster Liquify, Transform, Warp & more


Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) increases its performance here:

16. Big gains in performance throughout due to much greater use of the GPU

17. New Gradient Map “Photographic Toning” presets and Color Lookup adjustment layer

18. Blur Gallery for creating shallow depth of field, tilt-shift blur and graduated blur

19. Much smarter “Auto” for better-starting points and one-click corrections

Lighting effects are back again:

20. Lighting Effects is back and better than ever, with much-improved controls and 3D

21. Completely reengineered and nondestructive Crop Tool, like Lightroom’s


The solution for awful crashing problem:

22. Background Save, including tunable Auto-Save and Crash Recovery

23. Integrated Layer Search/Filtering – by name, effect, style, mood, or attribute

24. An easy migration tool that imports/exports custom presets and settings

25- New “Bicubic Automatic” default to Image Size always does the right thing

26. Path snapping & anti-aliasing improvements – critical for exacting work


Insert most common texts from Lorem Ipsum:

27. Easy insert of Lorem Ipsum text from the Type Menu

28. The return of Contact Sheet II and PDF Presentations in Photoshop

29. A completely redesigned and enhanced Print dialog

30. Refined HDR tool with better quality including Edge Smoothness option and new presets


Standard version included Animation panel:

31. The timeline animation panel now in the Standard version, no longer an Extended-only feature

32. Ships with Bridge CS6, which now has native 64-bit support for faster performance

33. Mini Bridge taps the power of Bridge in a panel, and can now run in a filmstrip

34. Photoshop CS6 is 4.5 million lines of code that took 10,000 staff hours to build!

We Edit, Retouch and Optimize your images within 24 hours

We Edit, Retouch and Optimize your images within 24 hours recognizes that photos are indeed an immortalized version of different moments of our lives handed to us in a piece of paper or a graphics file. However, no matter how precious they are to us, we cannot protect them enough. Eventually, they fade away, break, or are completely damaged altogether. In such cases, offers hope and assurance of restoration. There have been frequent users of long and complex terminologies to explain the concept of photo restoration. However, you need not worry yourself about those. In the simplest terms, we edit, retouch and optimize your photos for whatever purpose you would like them to serve.   These services do not just apply to family photos or historic restoration; they also apply to your businesses. In cases where you want to advertise a product on the internet, there are certain rules to put into consideration. The majority of them are concerned with the authenticity of the image, the quality, the size and the details featured in them. To get the best out of the images you have or have created for these purposes, you might need to put some magical touches into effect. This guarantees a higher interest from the readers and then impressive conversion rates for your business sales.

Image Editing Services offered by

As much as image editing can be filed under many categories, we at have managed to file them all under four major categories, including;

Photo Retouching:

The major concept behind photo retouching revolves around improving the value of your photo. Even in vague terms, this is not exclusive to damaged photos. As explained earlier, making a wonderful outline off your image and bringing out the details to the public eye is also covered by this particular service. The technicality involves adjusting the color and contrast of the picture, reducing noise in any part you want to be silenced, and applying layers and better backgrounds to make the best out of it. With this, you get to remove the blemishes from these photos, get rid of image markings and spots, advanced level of color correction as well as retouching the flaws in the image, among others. Some major services offered under this category include; Glitz Photo Retouching: The effects rendered in this give the photo the best natural look possible. This can be done with a numerous number of digital tools, but they are all aimed at eliminating every natural defect, and make the photo look as perfectly normal as possible. The word “normal” is being emphasized in this category because the originality of the image is not compromised. Pageant Photo Editing: The emphasis of the normalcy of the image in the previous category does not necessarily mean that in this category, the image would be over-effected. In contrary to that, the effect would give the photo a pageant look. Photo-editors try to achieve this using any necessary tool to bring out the marketable version of the photo. This, however, is not limited to beauty pageant contestants, but also to products and items that you want your audience to be attracted to on sight. The first Impression always counts! Photo Restoration: As much as it seems like the whole image salvation services have been covered by the previous category, this is much more important as it often involves the restoration of damaged photos to life, or to normalcy. This particular service focuses on restoring images that have been torn-off, faded with time, or damaged. These photos can be made look brand new with the help of the most appropriate photo editing software available to our photo editors. The faded colors are restored, the color gradients are balanced, the dirt, stains, and scratches are eliminated, as well as other appropriate settings, put in place to make the best out of your photo. Depending on the level of damage done to the photo, the major services offered in this category include; Reconstruction: The kind of repair required depends on your preference. In this case, age factors can be dealt with, making the contents of the photo look more recent and younger, skill defects removed and other in photo disasters eviscerated. Object Removal: Asides from removing a shady looking vase from the 1700s from your photo, items for sale can also be isolated any objects, which do not serve any purpose to your plan for the image. Background Removal or Replacement: Quite literally, you can choose whatever background you want for the dominating item in a photo, or have it replaced with whichever location or background of your choice. For products and items for sale, it is best to leave them without backgrounds, so that they can blend well with the background of your website. Cropping: This concerns the reshaping of the photo. That is needed in most cases when you need to completely convert the concept of an image to suit your needs.   Image Enhancement: This might be concerned with one or a combination of at least two of the other procedures. With MATLAB’s image processing toolbox, you could not possibly comprehend how much detail can be edited in a photo without compromising the integrity of the original version. In this case, Red-eye effects, enhancement of blurred and unclear portions as well as the color, contrast and brightness proportions are monitored and given the best version of your request.


This comprises majorly of enhancement, clipping, cropping, retouching, and reinstatement, among others. In the general idea of this, the item is taken off its host to showcase more details and provide more clarity to the structure of the photo content. In the most prominent scenarios, clothes are taken off mannequins, or wristwatches off people’s have to provide more clear information and make it look better in the process. That is why so many processes are involved.

Why should you trust us with your photo?

Honestly, tons of editors might be able to help with the services we offer. However, at, every customer is our asset. Therefore, we treat you and your property with respect; while we do the best, we can to edit your photo. This has fueled our reputation for the fast delivery guarantee. There is clear communication between you and our professionals so that our work will reflect your desires. We do all that while you sleep, and hope that you get the best value for your money.




You Shoot the images for online store

You Shoot the images for online store

Have you ever looked at a picture and thought “if just this little detail were like this or like that, then this picture would have been excellent”?

We’re sure it has happened to you maybe once or even twice. It could happen to you whether you’re an amateur photographer, a simple idealistic photography enthusiast or even a professional photographer.

We agree when you say a photo is worth a thousand words but truth be told; it’s worth much more because a photo can tell all that words could tell and even much more. If what you’re interested in is to make your photo wonderful, then what you need is to find a photo editing company that can edit your pictures with professional techniques that will help improve the value of your image.

If you’re a digital photographer that needs to develop business by promoting your personal brand, or your clients brand, so adverts can be done to get new clients and raise profit levels, then you know it’s not easy shooting photographs and getting back to editing or retouching them all by yourself because you’re a photographer, and you need to keep shooting.

What are the issues?

  • You’re an amateur or professional photographer with a lot of work to do, and you can’t spare the time to edit your images yourself.
  • You’re a photography enthusiast, and automated tools can’t satisfy your quest for a perfect picture.
  • You need to retouch and edit photos regularly due to business requirements buy you get charged high amounts but get low-quality results.

Getting professional results with a point and shoot camera can take thousands of practice hours, and after achieving these results sometimes, it doesn’t still feel like the perfect shot you intended to get. The truth is the world’s most cosmopolitan photography equipment cannot prevent unwanted people from wandering into the background of your shots or eliminate blemishes, wrinkles and stray hairs from a picture that could have otherwise come out perfect.

If it ever happens that you experience any of these, you can certainly edit them and hence have your pictures perfect for use anytime you need it all with your simple decision to shoot those photographs and make us your ally to complete the job.

We don’t want to help you shoot the images. We love that you shoot those pictures and we know that perspectives differ which makes us appreciate and love your perspective. All we want is that you leave the digital retouching and editing work with us to help you make your pictures more beautiful and relevant so you can spend extra time on shooting and explore as you like it.

We have expertise in Photoshop and design enabling us to be able to handle almost any type of image.

We’ve built a team that makes things happen with photographs, but there’s a missing piece, and that missing piece is you. We need you to shoot your pictures so that we can complete the team’s tasks of making your pictures perfect. In other words, we give you exactly what you want.

We offer digital photo editing and retouching services for professional and amateur photographers. We provide full-service post production including color correction, photo restoration, editing, artistic retouching and cropping services.

Why do you need to shoot those images and let us do the rest?

  • High-quality photo editing services give your image life and relevance.
  • High-end editing gives your image a professional look.
  • Editing services that make your image look perfect and polished
  • To save your time and allow you focus on things that are more important.

Over time, we’ve found out that the only difference between an excellent eye-popping picture and a casual nonchalant looking one is the quality of image editing that was done plus the time spent processing the image. Since we know that the limit of any project even in digital photography is your imagination, we can replace or clean a messy background, remove unsightly distractions, change clothing color, change photo exposure to suit your needs or even create realistic blends of multiple shots that you’ve taken. Photo editing services have become an integral part of not only commercial purposes but also for personal use.

That’s why your job is to shoot the photographs, look at them and analyze them, tell us what you want in the pictures and because you’re part of our team, we finish up the job for you with professional image editing software backed up by years of training.

Why Choose Us

  • We are aware that you need to edit your photos and you need them to be done fast, with high quality and precision, and we are very committed to giving you an outstanding service that makes you want to come back because as our client, you’re in our team and you’re our asset.
  • In our bid to save you time and make you feel safe, we have a plan, and in that plan, all you need to do is to shoot your original photos, and we’ll do the rest because you can be confident your pictures are in good hands. We complete all tasks on time because we’re committed to the given deadline.

If you were trying to produce the best image for your blog, website, social media, online store or you’re just capturing special moments in very artistic ways, what you need to do is to shoot and allow us to do the rest with our work done strictly based on your requirements. Be it personal or professional and we ensure that, using the best tools available on the market.

The goal is to make you a part of our team, and the plan is to allow you continue to shoot your artistic, memory immersive and original photos and then pass it to us to edit and make it come to life in the best way possible all to your instructions.

All you need to do is try our services today.



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