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September 28, 2017

At first, it might sound a bit strange that the images you put on your site influence your sales or even have anything to do with the growth of your site. However, in this article, I am going to explain how images do a lot more than beautify your place regarding the following concepts explained in their different categories.


Importance of Images in Online Marketing

First Impression:

Before the internet was invented, local marketing was based on two major prospects, namely; direct and indirect prospects. The direct basis of marketing mostly includes personal discovery on ads and direct contact from sales representatives, while for the indirect basis, references from trusted consumers, reviews from interrogators, etc.

However, no matter how credible these methods seemed, you still had to make a decision. In such cases, one of the strongest feelings you get about a product or service depends on the first impression you have of it. This is obviously a physical observation you make of the product’s wrapper or the appearance and demeanor of the sales representative.  This is not so different from the internet.

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No one has time to go through tons of reviews before finally making a decision about a product. The images speak for the products. Even with that, the images can be silenced by their method of delivery or the amount of detail they communicate. With the right tools, any image can be given a spectacular look and have a consumer’s undivided attention.


Visual Driven Commerce Support:

This might not seem like a thing, but that concept really exists and works effectively. Just as explained in the previous category, would you rather have me explain how nice a car looks, or see it for yourself?

When images are used correctly, you would just need to give fewer details to what the product does or how the service works and pass the right message for a profiting conversion.

We as humans are attracted by physical appearances, which then go on to, drive us emotionally. Using a well-defined image to explain the concept of a product gets us past the attraction phase quicker than we care to admit, and once we are hooked, it would be hard to get our minds off it. So, with the right tools, you can get your customers hooked to your sales pitch and have them eating from your hands in no time.


Website Requirements:

In other cases, some prominent advertising and online shopping websites are keen on the quality of the images used. The considerations include the size, quality and how well the image represents the product or service that you want to advertise. Some of the notable websites include Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and even Facebook.

Amazonhaving believed that images have a positive effect on the overall shopping experience by making the products easier to find, assessed and purchased, have in 2013, added the image quality and details to the requirements. In their terms, they explained that texts are not exactly part of the product and the images give a better representation.

The images on Amazon are required to occupy at least 85% of the image space with a minimum of 500 x 500 pixels. In these cases, Clipping Path Asia can help remove the backgrounds of self-captured images, giving them a high-quality finish and at least, a white background.

Another major website with these restrictions is eBay. Most of their terms are similar to that of Amazon with the exception of the use of watermarks, which are allowed for attribution purposes. For Google Shopping, the least specification is 800 x 800 pixels.


On a more general note, these e-commerce websites recommend that the product pictures be taken personally to get the best description and quality.


Images Can Help Boost Your Conversion Rate

For most of this article, I have been keen on the positive effect you gain from high-quality images. However, there are other angles you need to consider, all of which can help you with. They include;

Alternate and Detailed Views:

Apart from the normal image of the product, alternate and detailed close shots of the product also help with the description and help boost the consumer’s interest in the brand you are advertising. This includes different point of views (top, side, front, etc.), detailed view of different parts showing the brad label or some distinctive quality, etc.

Contextual Views:

One other factor that would increase my interest in a product is if I see someone use it. Of course, that doesn’t have to be an actual person in an actual scenario like in my neighborhood. Seeing it in a picture might also beef up my interest. Imagine seeing a very nice car or a classy vest or wristwatch in a magazine; you’ll be hooked. When used in an interesting context, this would boost your conversion rate; and even have consumers rave to their friends about it.

Contextual pictures should be taken personally, literally or with the help of a professional photographer with creative and imaginary sense. Afterward, CPA can help with the finishing.

Zoom Images:

In some cases, detail might mean zooming in on the product to see whether it has a feature or not. Either way, the image has to have enough quality to be zoomed in on without reducing its quality or blurring the details.

Attention Grabbing:

Getting your attention is not enough. Keeping you on the hook until you actually notice something you like about the product, and then go on to purchase. That alone can complete the conversion process for you. With this, you do not have to do much work in convincing your readers or subscribers to be engaged in the purchase of the commodities on your website.

Create Different Universal Selling Points:

With a perfectly detailed high-quality image, you can make visible all the parts to the reader. Each reader can view all the parts and get hooked to any parts that pick his or her fancy. This makes the whole product attractive all together with each getting an attraction to whatever selling point that is unique to his or her interests.



Conclusively, seeing as images have a lot to do with the conversion rate on your site, you should get the best help and improve the quality of your images. Clipping Path Asia offers this specific kind of services and there have been lots of positive feedbacks as touching our services.



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