Automobile Dealership Business Photo Editing Service: Case Study for 30k Image Per Month

Automobile Dealership Business Photo Editing Service: Case Study for 30k Image Per Month

Case Study: How Clipping Path Asia is editing 30,000 images per month for automobile dealership Business

 The given article is a case study of providing 30,000 images per month. These images help in providing information and insights to the automobile dealership business. The article showcases the requirement and how we carried out the procedure to deliver.

About Client:

Founded in 1989, Dealer Specialities is a US-based automotive company in Monroe, Ohio. They offer vehicle data collection and analytics. They further provide insights regarding pricing and offer window labeling services. For marketing purposes, they also offer a robust platform for inventory management. Their inventory management services are one of the most sought after.

They have a full service and self-service solutions for New and Used cars. Furthermore, they offer vehicle photo editing services, videos, merchandising, and other options. Their dominion is a wide spectrum of vehicle data collection in the last three decades has established them as a leading provider. Hence, they are versatile with a flexible platform and an extensive list of prestigious partners. 

Case Study-Car photo editing

The Requirement of Vehicle Photo Editing Service:

Our client asked us for 30,000 images per month. However, they had various requirements for each car photo editing assignment.

Their requirements were as follows:

  •  A flexible option of Photo Clipping where it would enable them to create their own template or choose from the pre-existing modules.
  • A unique or original branding with the use of overlays.
  • Frames that would enable easy customizations for calls to actions, price listing, and other vital details.
  • To make the images super-sized to enable up to three times the enlargement from the regular size, without affecting the quality.
  • Adding shadows and offering a transparent or blank (PNG) background for the images to be used for multiple purposes.
vehicle photo editing services

The Challenges of car photo editing:

As they are a prestigious company, it was important for us to maintain quality. We also had to strive to deliver on their requirement. An exceptional mastery was required in the photoshop platform. Thus, we decided to assign the best of our creative teams.

The rendering had to be quick, and the average of 1,000 images per day was required. Any other company is only able to maintain 500-1000 images per day with a large workforce.

The vehicle photo editing services were required to be prompt. So why did they choose us? Their team of professionals was not able to handle the workload. Hence, they came to us for the solution. We offered the best solution possible for their vehicle photo editing service.

The Solution for the automative images: 

  • We offered the first three images free of charge as a form of trial to showcase our quality. To build the required trust, we offer trials to our clients.
  • We operated 24/7 with 3 shifts to offers 30,000 images in a single month. Thus, it was easier for us to finish the required work.  
  • We also offer 24 hours of live chatting options for our clients to keep themselves up to date with the information regarding their work.
  • We comprise creative professionals that are well-versed in the use of various tools. Adobe creative suite is also one of the prominent software platforms we excel in.
  • Our knowledge in the field of digital marketing, logo designing, photo editing, and other graphical services enabled us to deal with the requirement proficiently.
  • We paid deliberate attention to maintaining quality while delivering the order on time. Our vehicle photo editing services were unparalleled. 

Teamwork and synchronization was also a key factor. Dealer Specialities set up a file transfer protocol account to assign regular work to us. We downloaded these files to carry out the procedure by hand, on Adobe Photoshop.  With our robust workforce, we were able to deliver the required images within 24 hours each day. 

On average, we were processing 2,000 images per day. The day-to-day assignment also helped in establishing a professional rapport with the client. It enabled them to gauge our quality and working methodologies to build trust in our services.

Vehicle Photo Editor

Payment Method:

The massive order of the images also allowed us to cut down the pricing to around $0.50 per image. We offered a reduced image processing cost. Thus, overall costing was considerably lower than the standard pricing, due to the bulk quantity of the images.

We established an invoice service that delivered the reports at the end of each month. It contained complete information about car photo editing. We also received our monthly payment through bank transfer or credit card. However, we also accept PayPal. 

About Clipping Path Asia

Clipping Path Asia is a prominent company in Dhaka, Bangladesh. We offer services regarding image editing and graphic design. With a decade of experience, we maintain a strong portfolio. Our creative individuals and the extensive workforce allows us to offer reliable service. Thus, we offer reliable and qualitative services. From image editing, clipping path to retouching, we are your single stop. 


We offer complete information to our clients and visitors. You can contact us anytime to receive expert advice and a quote.

Is there a signup requirement?

We have both options, You don’t have to sign up with us to employ our services. We are easy to contact with simple E-mail from the company.

What is the payment structure?

We work according to the monthly payment. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about abrupt payment schedules.

How do we keep track of work?

With our monthly invoice, it is easier for you to keep track of our performance and make payments.

What are the payment options?

We have an extensive payment method from PayPal, Credit Card options to Wire Bank Transfer.

What are the working hours?

We comprise of a large workforce that works 24/7 in two shifts. Hence, we will deliver the pictures in the shortest time.

How much work is done every day?

With our impeccable services, we render 2,000 images per day.

Is there any trial option?

We offer a free trial of three pictures for the new customers. It enables you to test us and get satisfied with our services. After getting sure, you can assign us the project.



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Case Study for Schools photography Editing Services

Case Study for Schools photography Editing Services

Schools photography Editing Services: Very affordable pricing: learn more with the case study

Executive Summary

After over 20 years of service, Classic Photography & Images is still very determined to offer readers essential insights from vast experiences in every issue of their interactive publications.

With this in mind, they require image-editing skills that would project their idea of standard delivery. When the opportunity came to evaluate other authentic image-editing service options, they jumped on it and soon chose Clipping Path Asia.

Apart from being a better option than their previous clients are, we have proven how professional we are with this project by judiciously using this opportunity to our advantage and making the best of our strengths to provide the best results as would be appreciated by our new clients.

Schools photography Editing Services

About Classic Photography & Images

Classic Image is a prime source for information about film histories and film-related products that are not available in the mass media market. Some of this information may include a unique movie perspective, or an exclusive actor’s story, new video releases of classic movies or information about a film fest where rare classics are displayed. They keep you updated!

Apart from those, they offer advertising services with a significant exclusion of producing the ads for you. However, running ads and keeping the world updated on the cinematic scenes, the fact that it would take a spectacular work rate and quality to match up to their standards is no understatement.


About Clipping Path Asia

Clipping Path Asia is one of the leading companies that offer high quality and photo editing services.

Our goal is to ensure that customers are satisfied with the results we produce, regarding; background removal, image manipulation, image masking, and image restoration, among many other services.

To make this work, we have a large staff of about 65 skilled and creative professionals that can handle almost any image type and deal with most image problems professionally in a reasonable amount of time. For starters, there is a free trial arrangement that allows you to test out our services and be more encouraged to patronize us.


Business Requirement

This project required the School photography Editing Services like background removal and retouching of about fifty thousand images over three months.

The images were school portraits photoshopped and of school sports photography. These images featured lots of students in different positions, in different backgrounds with various unwanted details and flaws in the background that needed to be taken down.

School photography Editing

That had to be executed, reviewed, and perfected with 2000 images submitted in 24hours. Photoshop was an essential tool required for the task, and it had to be delivered in PNG format. For the transfer of pictures before and after editing, FTP, Dropbox, and we transfer were required.


Our Delivery:

That was the most important and delicate part of the project. It was not just about our expertise, but about how we carried out the whole project, how we planned it down to the daily delivery and pricing per delivery. Dividing fifty thousand images within three months would leave us with about 17000 images per month, approximately 4300 images per week, or about 620 images daily.

Sharing the responsibility among about 50 employees would mean they would have to edit at least 13 images daily. That doesn’t seem like much, but after a week or thereabout, you might have a change of heart about that.

So, we developed a schedule for each professional and had them make schedules at their convenience to keep the motivation up and make sure that the creativity deserved by our clients didn’t diminish with lack of motivation and milestones of image editing.

With this, our employees had enough time to work on the images and develop enough motivation and creativity at every milestone. In the end, we had a surprising turnout as our employees, consisting of 45 professional image editors and 5 QC was able to handle up to 5000 images daily. Within a month, we were pretty much done with the project.


Payment and Delivery Plan:

As explained earlier, we worked on school portraits photoshopped and basic school sports photography. Therefore, inevitably, there were single photos and group photos. Editing the group photos was priced at $2 per piece and for individual images, $1 per piece. However, the payment plan wasn’t based on daily delivery, but every month, even though we had to deliver 2000 images every 24 hours.

Given our speed and professional etiquette, we were able to meet up with the delivery. At the end of the month, we drafted our monthly invoices. By then, our client, Classic Images, had enough time to go through our work and contact us in case any of them needed extra touches, all of which we did justice to.

That being said, for large volume clients, we do not require upfront images. Payments are made through bank transfers, credit cards, and PayPal. For the transfer of photos, we use various means, including majorly FTP, Dropbox, and we transfer.



Under normal circumstances, there would be complaints about low-quality images or images damaged beyond regular repair. However, in this case, we encountered much more challenging scenarios.

Inevitably, there would be awkward poses by the kids in on-field pictures, because the sportsmen weren’t always alerted while taking the photos. Since the presence of every kid was vital to the authenticity and composition of each Image, our professionals were very creative about adding relevance to every detail in the images, thereby increasing their values as perceived.

We are proud to say that we dealt with each Image professionally, with little or no complaints from our clients.



Just as we hoped, our client, Classic Images, was delighted with our delivery regarding the quality and turnaround time. According to them, they are currently making an impressive amount of profits as a result of the effect of our work on their business.

With that, we can conveniently say that we achieved our goals too;

  • Provide professional services as usual,
  • Work creatively on the background removal and retouching of the images contracted to us,
  • Deliver them in time and the PNG format requested
  • Showcase our experienced and spectacular use of Photoshop as adopted by our employees professionally,

Overcome every single challenge posed by the contents of the photographs about the editing services required of them, among other scenarios.