How to straighten an image in Photoshop? 2021 Best Crooked & straighten Guides

how to straighten an image in photoshop cc

Written by Dewan Abdullah Al Masud

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April 17, 2021

Let’s keep it clear at the beginning if you didn’t use a tripod for every single photo you take, it’s going to be impossible to keep them all straight and not a bit crooked. Especially if you’re considering pictures, you take on a vacation tourist trip, which is being taken in a harry and casually, capturing the happiest and most memorable moments during the trip.

 In this tutorial, you’re going to learn how to save these moments and straighten your crooked images in Photoshop cc with quick and easy steps, although it may look like a hidden feature.

 Unlike most photo editing programs, in Photoshop cc, the Straighten tool may look a bit hidden and not easy to discover, especially with the older versions, which used to adopt a way harder process to straighten a photo. Though, in Photoshop cc, it became easier to straighten your photos after Adobe decided to include the straightening feature within the cropping tool.

  • Open your image and choose the Crop tool.

Go to File and choose Open from the sliding bar to open your image, then select the Crop tool (or press C) as shown in the tutorial image below.

In Photoshop cc, you can straighten your image using the Crop tool in two ways.

  • Straighten your image using the Straighten tool

As a new feature added to the crop tool in the more recent Photoshop versions (CS6 & CC), you can see the Straighten tool on the toolbar.

Select the Straighten tool and start dragging a (vertical or horizontal) line along with the element that should be vertical or horizontal in the image. In our example, we should drag our line along the sea horizon line.

After releasing the line, your image will be straightened automatically using the line you dragged as a guide, and the leftover edges of your image will be cropped away.

Now, before confirming your crop, notice the Delete Cropped Pixels icon shown below on the toolbar.

If this icon was activated (as in our example), your image’s cropped edges will be permanently deleted and not being accessible after confirming the crop. While if the icon was not activated, it will reduce just the canvas size to match the new crop of the image and only hide the extra pixels without deleting them.

In our example, we’ll just keep the Delete Cropped Pixels icon activated and confirm the crop by pressing Enter or click the tick mark as shown below.

  • Straighten your image by rotation

Another way to straighten your image in Photoshop cc is by rotating it using the same Crop tool. Simply hover your mouse a little bit outside one of the corners of your image and start dragging.

Once you start dragging, a grid display will be shown inside the crop box to use as a guide to help you straighten your image. The downside to this process is that it can be less accurate than straightening the image using the Straighten tool.

Once you’re happy with your results, press Enter or click the tick mark to confirm your crop, and you’re good to go publishing your photo as a straight edge professional image with the help of Photoshop cc.

  • Final output Straighten your image .

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