Why Outsourcing Photo Editing Services Works for Businesses

Why outsourcing photo editing works for business

Written by Mejba Biplob

I am a passionate and experienced professional photo editor with over a decade of experience in the industry. I have an eye for capturing life’s most precious moments and using my skills to create beautiful images that last forever. In addition to photography, I also teach Photoshop and other photo editing software as well as providing creative consultation on how best to showcase your photography work online.

September 27, 2019

Outsourcing photo editing services are one of the most modern business arrangements across a broad range of industries, including the retail, fashion, and foodservice sectors, to name a few. You should seriously consider these services since your business will enjoy significant benefits from them, including the opportunity to increase your profits. Just be sure to gain more information about outsourcing – its pros and cons, as well as tips on choosing the right outsourcing provider – before actually entering into a formal contract.

Definition of Outsourcing Photo Editing Services

In modern times, outsourcing refers to the agreement between two parties wherein one company provides professional services for another company, said services of which can also be provided by an in-house team. Still, the latter chooses to give the tasks to the former. That is an increasingly common arrangement in several industries, including information and technology, e-commerce retail, and manufacturing, even in healthcare.

The services are usually intrinsic to effective and efficient business management, but due to several reasons, these tasks are given to outside sources. Outsourcing can cover an equally wide range of functions, including but not limited to business analysis, planning process, and installation of systems as well as the management (i.e., servicing) of the components.

In the case of offshore photo editing services, you as the client engages the services of a professional image editing company. Your agreement will specify the scope of the work, the types of work to be done, and the service fees, as well as the expected results after completion, among other essential aspects of the contract. You are, in effect, entrusting the enhancement of your photos to the company, an agreement designed to provide benefits for both parties – you regarding better pictures and the company regarding better profits.

outsourcing photo editing

Clipping Path Asia, a company that offers photo editing services to photographers, individuals, and businesses, accepts outsourcing jobs. Your choices in image editing services include photo enhancement and restoration, drop shadow effect, background removal, and image masking, among others. You are assured of reliability from the right types of services performed to the right results and correct delivery at the right time – indeed, you will get the best value for your money!

Benefits to be gained from Outsourcing

In many ways, you will gain more from outsourcing photo editing services than the service provider will in the final analysis. Think about it: With better photos, you will have better opportunities to encourage your target customers to perform your desired action, which can be patronizing your services or purchase your products, signing up for a mailing list, or subscribing to a monthly newsletter for a fee. In turn, you are getting nearer to the fulfillment of your business goals, including an increase in online traffic, conversion rates, and customer loyalty and referrals.

Here are the foremost benefits of outsourcing image editing services to the likes of Clipping Path Asia. Keep in mind that many of these benefits overlap each other, but for purposes of clarity, each bonus will be discussed individually. 

  • Enjoy monetary savings

When you outsource your photo imaging projects to Clipping Path Asia, a Dhaka-based service provider, you will enjoy substantial savings for several reasons. First, you have the benefit of lower fees in comparison with companies based in North America and Europe yet still get better results. You can save as much as 60% of your outsourcing costs with CPA considering the differences in service fees.

Second, studies have proven that companies can save around 15% with outsourcing works in general regardless of the locations of the client and provider. Your savings are possible because you will not purchase new tools and technologies, spend on employee training, and assign employees to the particular project – the service provider ensures that all of these aspects are in their capable hands.

Your jobs than in the photo editing services are to set your parameters, coordinate with the provider to ensure compliance with the requirements, and approve the results followed by the full payment for the satisfactory services rendered. The fees paid will be substantially lower than when you undertook the editing tasks as an in-house project, especially when it involves substantial investments in infrastructure, software, and human resources.

  • Get access to skilled professionals

You may not have the necessary knowledge and skills to produce high-quality images for your website, marketing materials, and product catalogs, among other uses. Even when you use the most advanced photo editing software available, your results will likely not be as polished as the works of professionals. You have, in effect, exerted time, energy, and effort on tasks that could have been best left to people who have the right knowledge and skills to deliver the desired results, perhaps even exceed your expectations.

Your willingness to outsource image editing to skilled professionals will also mean more straightforward and faster access to their services in the future. Your continuing arrangement with CPA, for example, will result in not just in world-class photos now but high-quality photos tomorrow. You will then have a steady supply of cost-efficient, results-effective images that will contribute to your bottom line.

  • Reduce your risks

You are also reducing your risks by outsourcing image editing services. Think of it this way: Your employees may not have the knowledge and skills in photo editing. When you give the task to them, you are running the risk of wasting their time and wasting your money on a project that professionals could have done in lesser amounts of time and money but with better results. You will then outsource the project to a third party, which means doubling its overall costs – first, for the failed in-house effort, and second, for the outsourcing fees.

You also run the risk of poor quality photos being posted on your website, or placed on your brochures, or distributed to others via press releases, articles, and blog posts. You will likely lose customers and investors since these photos act as brand ambassadors.

  • Focus on your core business

When offshore photo editing services to foreign companies, you will be able to focus on your core business and, thus, focus on your bottom line-related activities. Your employees will also be able to focus more on their core activities, which means higher employee productivity and efficiency. You can even use the differences in time zones to your advantage – while you are sleeping, your service provider is working on your photos according to your parameters and goals.  In the morning, you can work on the edited images, make corrections, and coordinate with the service provider on adjustments.

Your core business includes but not limited to building your brand in the market, developing your products and services for greater competitiveness, leading your employees, and strengthening your partnerships with your customers, suppliers, and stakeholders. While the quality of images on your website has a significant impact on consumer conversions, you should also manage the other aspects of your business.

Indeed, offshore photo editing services can result in decreased costs, increased profits, and improved efficiency, all of which will likely have a multiplier effect in the future.


Risks from Outsourcing

Let’s get starry-eyed from these benefits; you have to remember that there are also inherent risks to outsourcing in general, particularly in outsourcing your valuable images. These risks include:

  • Exposure to confidential data. Your photos may contain confidential information that has not been released to the general public, such as details of the design and dimensions of a new product. Such data can be prematurely released, either through the deliberate actions of the service provider or through accidents, which may well work for your benefit.
  • Non-alignment of project goals, delivery timeframes, and results expectations. You and the service provider may not see eye to eye at several points of the project, which can lead to sub-par quality of work, non-completion of the project, and ill will between the parties.
  • Hidden costs. You may shoulder the burden of hidden fees or cost not stated in the contract, especially with international agreements. You have to do your research about the possible additional costs of outsourcing between two companies in different countries for this reason.
  • Lack of client focus. Your chosen service provider may be handling several projects at once, which means a lesser focus on your project. Again, you are at risk of receiving sub-par photos, late submissions, or premature contract termination, among others.

Fortunately, you can significantly minimize, if not eliminate, these risks by taking a few precautionary measures including:

  • Choosing a reliable service provider based on your intensive research about its reputation, capabilities, and track record.
  • You are defining the scope and schedule of the project in clear terms and writing.
  • They are coordinating with the service provider from start to finish so that issues can be ironed out as soon as possible.

What are you waiting for?

Avail of outsourcing photo editing services now and enjoy these benefits to your business!

Benefits of Choosing ClippingPathAsia.com As your Service provider?

Once you have placed your order, we begin to work immediately to ensure the photographs are delivered right on time. Note that all photos are edited carefully by our competent and highly skilled Photo Processing Specialists. They use the right techniques and advanced tools to guarantee optimal results.

We deliver highly impressive results at very competitive rates. We do unlimited revisions to make sure our customers are satisfied completely with the outcome. This explains why our customers are happy with our services. Our team of dedicated professionals strives to offer hassle-free and risk-free solutions all the time.

How to make free trial with Clipping Path Asia?



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