Mastering fashion composition: Eight tips for capturing the best shot

Mastering fashion composition: Eight tips for capturing the best shot

Fashion photography can be extremely rewarding, but it is also incredibly challenging. Luckily, we know the ins and outs of how this field ticks, so we’re serving up our very own guide to getting the most out of your fashion snaps.

What are the four different types of fashion photography?

This category of photography can be easily broken down into four different and unique sectors, each with their own style and challenges. They include:

  • Catalogue photography: This is not exclusive to fashion, as it can include products, food items, drinks and much more. But purely from a fashion standpoint, this is about making the clothing look superior to the competition and using the subject to make the clothing the hero of the image. Backgrounds should be white or clear to really emphasise the garments on show.
  • High Fashion: Think high-end, extravagant shots. There is usually far more creativity allowing in this space as designers are trying to sell collections and ideas, rather than a single item of clothing.
  • Street Fashion: A grassroots movement that is very much centred around youth. A style that is far removed from the runway and should feature more urban environments – literally using the streets as your backdrop.
  • Editorial Fashion: Perhaps the hardest of all four to master. These images take up entire pages in major publications and need to be more than an image alone; they need to convey emotion and tell an entire story.

Eight tips that will improve your fashion photography

  1. Composition and lighting matter: Many photographers excel at using the right levels and angles of light to highlight their subject. Others create striking images through composition and the layering of subjects and props. The best photographers combine both.
  2. Have a collection of props: And ensure your vehicle is loaded up with them for every job.
  3. Use your environment: Get your subject moving, interacting and playing with the environment around them.
  4. Create a counterbalance: Add additional models or props to ensure your subject is not left isolated and looking lopsided or out of place.
  5. Tell a story: Use a theme in your photo shoots to link your images together and try to capture those small moments of emotion that can tell your story for you. A picture CAN speak 1000 words.
  6. Rule of thirds: A simple trick, divide your screen into nine equal components and place your subject at any of the four points where the lines intersect.
  7. Break the rules: While these tips will give you the building blocks you need for success, some of the best fashion shots have come from taking risks. Don’t be afraid to follow your artistic sense from time to time.
  8. Editing matters: No matter how great a photographer you may be, there is going to need to be many hours spent at the computer editing all of your shots to make them their best.

That is where Clipping Path can assist you, slashing the production time and delivering the highest end results possible. If you’re looking for a fashion photo editor, we’re your first port of call.

Photo Retouching Service-Make Your Photos Look Awesome

Photo Retouching Service-Make Your Photos Look Awesome

Any time a unique event happens in your life the only one method which you believe you can engrave it into a more irreversible state is through images.

These images can record many minutes, celebrations, occasions, etc. and keep them fresh in your minds as for when you look through them.

Nevertheless, a lot of elements add to the pictures’ wear and tear, and there is nothing more frustrating than taking a look at a ruined image and understanding that you will never have the ability to share it with anybody.

However, there is a service now with image retouching methods that can make sure that those images of your cute granny stay as fresh as her cookies.

The craft of carrying out a retouch is all about fixing the damage on a specific picture and bringing it back to its initial state or perhaps making it even better than its initial state.

The conventional technique of image adjustment was a lot different than the method it is done now as it was done by conventional picture professionals in their darkrooms where they utilized creative brushes, fixers, toners, and retouching dyes, enlargers, blending pallets, movie tanks, baths, and other darkroom devices.

All this was done by hand by these experts as they utilized brushes, dyes, and enlargers for changing the direct exposure to the prints and filters for managing the contrast in a photo.

 Retouching photo

Taking photos is a pleasant and interesting hobby as there is no much better method to preserve a minute than by embedding it in a picture. And all your worries of terrific images messing up with time will get eased with making use of a picture retouch tool that assures to restore the appearance of all those images that seem to be destroyed.

Thanks to the current innovation, a retoucher does not need to depend on old professional photographer tools to restore your images, however, can do their task utilizing scanners, evolved picture modifying software applications, high-resolution displays, and photo quality documents, inks, and printers.

The job of image retouching can be done here utilizing a mouse or a tablet pen, and revamped images can be conserved as electronic files that can be printed, emailed or kept on detachable media like pen drives and DVDs.

Now, there are numerous advanced software applications that can be utilized to consider that expert touch to your old photos and make them creative looking and much better in quality.

Retouching is required when your photos get faded by the time or other reasons like direct exposure to the sunshine, humidity, temperature level variations, misuse and ultimate breakdown of chemicals utilized in the process of a photo’s advancement.

Retouching Pack shot photo

Therefore in such a case, a picture retouch can be used to enhance or boost an image, photo or an image by utilizing sophisticated image modifying methods. These strategies can be utilized to reverse the deterioration and make them much better looking than before.

So start and check out our photo retouching services that can help you keep your images undamaged and protect that picture of the very first time you saw your young child walk.



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Photoshop Editing Services Online

Photoshop Editing Services Online

Here is the complete list of those. Just check this out:

1. The long-rumored darker and modern user interface

2. Redesign and cleanup of all icons, buttons, dialogs – and new rich cursors

3. New Content-Aware Move, Extend, and Patch Tools, plus a better Content-Aware Fill

Photoshop CS6 newly included terrific video editing from a DSLR:

4. Terrific [DSLR] video editing in both Standard and Extended versions, for many formats*

5. Skin-Aware Masking with Face Detection – auto-generation of skin-tone masks

6. Complete overhaul of 3D in Photoshop CS6 Extended – 1 tool now does the work of 14

How about some realistic brushes:

7. Some great new (and realistic) brushes – Erodible Tips and Airbrush Tips

8. Brand new Camera Raw7 technology like in Lightroom 4

9. White Balance and Noise Reduction as a selective Brush

10. Text/Character Type Styles and Paragraph Styles

11. Adaptive Wide Angle Lens Correction to fix distortion and straighten lines

12. Enhanced and more flexible Brush Pose, Brush Projection, and Color Dynamics

Pixel bender is now Build for Oil Painting filter:

13. Pixel Bender now built into Photoshop CS6 for the oil painting filter

14. Rewritten vector engine, real vector strokes with Dashed and Dotted Lines

15. Mercury Graphics Engine gives 10-100X faster Liquify, Transform, Warp & more

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) increases its performance here:

16. Big gains in performance throughout due to much greater use of the GPU

17. New Gradient Map “Photographic Toning” presets and Color Lookup adjustment layer

18. Blur Gallery for creating shallow depth of field, tilt-shift blur, and graduated blur

19. Much smarter “Auto” for better-starting points and one-click corrections

Lighting effects are back again:

20. Lighting Effects is back and better than ever, with much-improved controls and 3D

21. Completely reengineered and nondestructive Crop Tool, like Lightroom’s

The solution for the awful crashing problem:

22. Background Save, including tunable Auto-Save and Crash Recovery

23. Integrated Layer Search/Filtering – by name, effect, style, mood, or attribute

24. An easy migration tool that imports/exports custom presets and settings

25- New “Bicubic Automatic” default to Image Size always does the right thing

26. Path snapping & anti-aliasing improvements – critical for exacting work

Insert most common texts from Lorem Ipsum:

27. Easy insert of Lorem Ipsum text from the Type Menu

28. The return of Contact Sheet II and PDF Presentations in Photoshop

29. A completely redesigned and enhanced Print dialog

30. Refined HDR tool with better quality including Edge Smoothness option and new presets

The standard version included Animation panel:

31. The timeline animation panel is now in the Standard version, no longer an Extended-only feature

32. Ships with Bridge CS6, which now has native 64-bit support for faster performance

33. Mini Bridge taps the power of Bridge in a panel, and can now run in a filmstrip

34. Photoshop CS6 is 4.5 million lines of code that took 10,000 staff hours to build!

Let’s discuss some special features of Photoshop such as-

  • Clipping Path Image
  • Image Masking
  • Photo Retouching
  • Image Manipulation
  • Background Removal, etc

Clipping Path Image: 

If pictures don’t appear professional, they won’t appeal to the appropriate audience. Nobody will look at a photograph and contemplate the item or service when the image doesn’t have a sense of appeal. We offer Photoshop clipping paths to alter your image and make sure that your customers are loyal to your brand.


Best Clipping Path Service-Clipping Path Asia

Image Masking: 

Image Masking is the process used by software for graphics like Photoshop to cover certain areas of an image or to show other portions. It’s a non-destructive way of editing images. It usually allows you to alter and alter the mask in the future should you need to.


Best Image Masking Service- Clipping Path Asia


Photo Retouching: 

If you want to give beautiful & attractive looks to your pictures then photo retouching is an exciting feature for you. Photo retouching service can make an image more appealing than a raw image. Our expert knows how to make an image outstanding and authentic.


Best Photo Retouching Service – Clipping Path Asia


Image Manipulation: 

Image manipulation is a form of art that involves changing a picture to express the need of an individual. Another method is related to the editing of photos. This can be used to enhance the artistic value of photos and for deceit. It also assists in resizing pictures. There are several software programs that can do this, as well. Adobe Photoshop is very popular for this.


Best Image Manipulation Service- Clipping Path Asia


Background Removal: 

This technique can be applied in many cases and for various reasons. For instance, if you want to restore an image that has been damaged or faded image, our special techniques can be used in the editor to repair or completely remove specific layers. You can also apply an entirely new color or other elements.


Best Background Removal Service- Clipping Path Asia


What is Photoshop?

Photoshop is software used for photo editing, image creation, and graphic design software. The software provides image editing features for raster (pixel-based) images and vector graphics.

Why photoshop is necessary for photo editing?

Photoshop has many outstanding and special features. You can use photoshop to give a proper shape of the image that you are looking for. Photoshop can make an image appealing, attractive and authentic.

Which photo editing software is best?

Photoshop is the best photo editing software. Most of the giant photo editing companies use this software for any type of image editing. Photoshop gain their trust through their feature, usability, and comfortability.

Which photo editing software is mostly used by professional photo editing agencies?

The reliability of photoshop is accepted by all over the world. Agencies have done many types of complex photo editing works and they rely on the feature of photoshop. That’s why we can tell that photoshop is the best photo editing software.

For example,  Clipping Path Asia has many clients all over the world and we also depend on photoshop.