Should you edit your product photos for Instagram?

Should you edit your product photos for Instagram?

Instagram has become an extremely popular place to sell all kinds of products, and the secret lies in photography and editing.

Not only do you want the perfect product image, but you also want the entire series of images to tell the story of your brand which is why editing is extremely important for all of your branded shots.

What apps do Instagrammers use to edit?

Have you ever wondered how Instagrammers edit their photos? There are many apps available for your Android and iOS devices that can help you edit your images – some that are better than others.

For experienced operators, you can access the same leading software packages that you would use on your computer like Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. These give you all of the features you need in a simple to use interface on your mobile device.

How do you edit your aesthetics on Instagram?

There is no magic formula for creating the best product images for Instagram, and the last thing you want to do is have images that look exactly the same as your competition and everyone else.

That is why is it essential that you develop your look to establish your unique brand. This is where you need to plan extensively and build your own style, colour palette and lighting to make your brand stand out. You’ll also need to create a strict editing style; it’s best to craft presets that you can apply again and again once you have developed your distinct look.

Editing trends on Instagram you need to know

There are several simple Instagram editing tricks that you can employ to really make your products pop, including:

  • Hashtags: These aren’t a new trend, but their place in social media still evolves every day. Choosing the right hashtags to go along with your images is critical for reaching the right audience.
  • Don’t go overboard with your editing: Soft, natural and candid images are very much in vogue right now, so you don’t want to overload your images with filters and effects. That doesn’t mean you shy away from filters completely, as there are many built-in “natural” filters in Instagram and your image editing software.
  • Embrace imperfections: Following on from the natural theme is what you are going to surround your products with. Many of the best food images, for example, have tastefully arranged kitchen mess and products like spilt flour, berries etc. to give it a genuine, but striking, look. Don’t be afraid to bring clutter into your image.
  • Remember you are creating a feed, not just an image: You want your entire Instagram page to connect and be unified in presentation. That means applying similar themes, lighting and colour schemes to all of your images so that they link together.

Clipping Path takes the hard work out of professional photo editing services, turning your Insta shots into works of art. Give your brand the added edge it needs now by getting in touch with our experts.

Mastering fashion composition: Eight tips for capturing the best shot

Mastering fashion composition: Eight tips for capturing the best shot

Fashion photography can be extremely rewarding, but it is also incredibly challenging. Luckily, we know the ins and outs of how this field ticks, so we’re serving up our very own guide to getting the most out of your fashion snaps.

What are the four different types of fashion photography?

This category of photography can be easily broken down into four different and unique sectors, each with their own style and challenges. They include:

  • Catalogue photography: This is not exclusive to fashion, as it can include products, food items, drinks and much more. But purely from a fashion standpoint, this is about making the clothing look superior to the competition and using the subject to make the clothing the hero of the image. Backgrounds should be white or clear to really emphasise the garments on show.
  • High Fashion: Think high-end, extravagant shots. There is usually far more creativity allowing in this space as designers are trying to sell collections and ideas, rather than a single item of clothing.
  • Street Fashion: A grassroots movement that is very much centred around youth. A style that is far removed from the runway and should feature more urban environments – literally using the streets as your backdrop.
  • Editorial Fashion: Perhaps the hardest of all four to master. These images take up entire pages in major publications and need to be more than an image alone; they need to convey emotion and tell an entire story.

Eight tips that will improve your fashion photography

  1. Composition and lighting matter: Many photographers excel at using the right levels and angles of light to highlight their subject. Others create striking images through composition and the layering of subjects and props. The best photographers combine both.
  2. Have a collection of props: And ensure your vehicle is loaded up with them for every job.
  3. Use your environment: Get your subject moving, interacting and playing with the environment around them.
  4. Create a counterbalance: Add additional models or props to ensure your subject is not left isolated and looking lopsided or out of place.
  5. Tell a story: Use a theme in your photo shoots to link your images together and try to capture those small moments of emotion that can tell your story for you. A picture CAN speak 1000 words.
  6. Rule of thirds: A simple trick, divide your screen into nine equal components and place your subject at any of the four points where the lines intersect.
  7. Break the rules: While these tips will give you the building blocks you need for success, some of the best fashion shots have come from taking risks. Don’t be afraid to follow your artistic sense from time to time.
  8. Editing matters: No matter how great a photographer you may be, there is going to need to be many hours spent at the computer editing all of your shots to make them their best.

That is where Clipping Path can assist you, slashing the production time and delivering the highest end results possible. If you’re looking for a fashion photo editor, we’re your first port of call.

What is the best photo editing app?

What is the best photo editing app?

While there are many powerful and comprehensive photo editing apps available for desktop and laptop computer systems these days, finding a practical option on the go is more of a challenge.

Fortunately, there is a sea of apps to try your hand at, but not all of them offer a complete set up for more advanced editing needs. So, to help you navigate the plethora of options out there, here are our top picks according to skill level.

For beginners

If you’re starting out with photography and editing, we like Snapseed – which gives you plenty of innovative functions and features through its interface. It’s also designed in a way that can be used by virtually anyone. Additionally, it’s the preferred app for many professional photographers who need a quick solution, as well as general users who need more basic features on hand.

Enjoy complete control with a raft of automated tools, all of which allow you to enhance away with ease. The app lets you manipulate your images to an extensive level, provided you’re not after a more expert-level solution.

 Fun fact – it was also developed by Google.

For intermediate users

Adobe Lightroom CC is a great option that fits neatly in the middle of the spectrum because of the way it can be used. It comes fully stocked with in-app presets and filters, and also lets you save and share presets with its established community.

Beginners can pick this up and enhance their images with ease with built-in presets or try their hand at making their own – a highly addictive set of features for users of all kinds.

For professionals

It should come as no surprise that the best on-the-go editing app on the market is Adobe Photoshop Express. We’ve positioned this as the best smartphone option for experts, but this app is intuitive enough for beginners to test out their skills too.

What makes this one of our favourites it is loaded with more tools and features than any of its competitors. Create your custom workspaces and enjoy having the power of the iconic Photoshop suite right in your pocket.

For those looking for quick, expert help

However, if you’re more comfortable with employing clipping path services from a team of professionals, our team are your most suitable option. We take all of the hard work out of your hands, delivering high-quality, exceptional image retouching across the board. We also pride ourselves on our quick turnaround times, competitive rates and outstanding customer service.

You can sign up too Clipping Path Asia for free by clicking here.

The ultimate way to make your car look good in pictures

The ultimate way to make your car look good in pictures

For a lot of us, our cars are our pride and joy – whether they’re the latest model streetcar, a project vehicle sitting in the garage, or an import that we’re dying to show off. No matter the kind of vehicle you’ve got stashed away, we know all the right ways to make the perfect first impression when it finally does get the chance to hit the road.

When you are looking to photograph your vehicle and give it some hard-earned glamour to hit the market with, there are some golden rules that you should stick to ensure your biggest asset looks its very best.

Snapping car photography that’ll turn heads

Don’t go overboard with the background

It can be tempting to go for a dramatic backdrop – such as an impressive building, bridge, natural setting or panoramic landscape – but remember that your car should be the hero of the shot. Don’t let the setting steal the spotlight. Instead, opt for a subtle yet engaging environment that complements the look and feel of your vehicle, without hindering the result you’re after.

Lighting is everything

There are two magic periods of the day where you’re able to get the perfect amount of natural light for your photos: the first hour after sunrise and the dusk period just before sunset.

There’s something about the sunlight’s ability to stream in at lower angles, lighting up the scene with brilliant shades of whites and oranges – so use this to your advantage. This will also save you time and effort when the editing process rolls around.

Watch out for reflections

This is one of the more tricky elements in a photoshoot, as cars have so many reflective surfaces to tackle – including the windows and mirrors. When you’re gearing up to snap your pictures, observe how light is reflecting off the car, and try to find an angle where there are no reflections. Open spaces will assist you with this, mostly because there are less environmental factors that can also cause shadows or mirror-like results.

Shoot your car while it is on the move

The best shots come from strategic on-road techniques. Adopt an old Hollywood trick by snapping your car from another moving vehicle. Obviously, safety is paramount with this technique, so ensure you’re using qualified and experienced drivers and a photographer that is securely strapped in. If in doubt, use a method that’s more in line with your skill level.

Outsource the editing to professionals

Getting the most out of your image requires time behind the scenes to bring the very best details to the forefront.

For those that are not familiar or skilled at using a car photo editor, Clipping Path Asia provides an affordable, fast and convenient way to outsource your photo editing, allowing you to achieve the perfect balance. Remove imperfections and enhance all the right features to make a lasting impression – a much-needed benefit when you’re looking to sell your vehicle on a highly competitive market.

If you’re not sure how to get started, contact our experts now by filling in our online form or by sending us a message through our live chat feature.

Is a selfie a headshot?

Is a selfie a headshot?

We know you already know the answer to this one.

While advances in technology mean that our mobile devices are capable of taking incredible photos, there are enormous differences between a selfie and a headshot.

A headshot is supposed to be a professional representation of yourself: an image that you would proudly use on your corporate or business website; social media platforms and other assets to help sell your brand and business identity.

No matter how well you think you can ‘selfie’, or how good you might think your selfie stick plays the part, you are never going to achieve that professional result by reversing the lens on your phone and simply tapping your screen – trust us.

There are many layers to a professional headshot; it’s a fine art to get the right image that correctly displays your brand identity and can be used as the face of your company. So pop down the selfie stick and follow our guide to getting the best possible corporate headshot.

What is considered a headshot?

These are semi-close up photos used by the corporate world, including professionals of all walks of life. These days, they’re also widely prominent in resumes, portfolios, on websites and social media platforms like LinkedIn. You’ll find them in marketing, recruitment, promotional campaigns and in general as a way to put a human face to a company or brand.

What makes a good headshot?

A professional set of equipment is required for a great snap, and a mobile device is not quite going to cut it. Smartphones are designed to do many things, including taking photos, in a condensed device that is designed to fit in your pocket. Still, a professional headshot needs a studio or particular set up to get all the elements necessary.

Most of these kinds of images are shot with a neutral background and specialised lighting, all of which is arranged and designed to make you the focus of the image. A photographer will also frame your body correctly, ensuring your hair and makeup is reflected well and that your smile ties it all together.

Lighting and composition are essential elements in professional shots like this – something of which is often left out in the good, old selfie.

Why editing is a must

Getting the lighting 100 percent right for a headshot can be extremely challenging, even for the most accomplished photographers out there. Many of these issues are cleaned up in the editing process.

Quality editing can enhance lines, remove shadows, bring other objects in and out of focus and create a clean, sharp and highly professional image. If there are bits and pieces out of place, experts can tidy up any imperfections that need ironing out. However, as this process is exceptionally finicky, we always recommend using headshot retouching services to complete this part of the journey.

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend speaking with our friendly team on the best options for your needs, and any considerations you might need to keep in mind for your headshot photography.

Image Enhancement In Image Processing

Image Enhancement In Image Processing

Image enhancement in image processing: Invest Your Time plus Money Wisely

The process of enhance an image, convert it in to digital shape or else extracting info from it is named image processing. Fundamentally, if you process a digital image, you maneuver it with the use of a digital PC. It could be a tricky procedure, particularly if you’ll be utilize imagery for digital publishing.

If you are an amateur, it is quite thrilling to experiment with tools as well as stuff in your PC. Then again, if you are giving in to your imaginative inclinations as well as earning cash, you might even think of publish and selling eBooks. Selling digital information products require first and leading striking packaging. That is, your magnificent ebook content must be packed in an appealingly smart as well as engaging ebook cover as well as title (to start with). Do not forget the imagery, too.
It does get persnickety from time to time while you issue an ebook. If you have sufficient time to tinker with all the particulars in your digital publishing as well as image processing software, there would not be troubles at all. But you would not desire to risk selling a bland as well as unethical looking product that eBook lovers, might simply overlook, so your best gamble will be to outsource your eBook change and picture processing.

Having imagery digitally published in your eBook involves Image enhancement in image processing. A process image is a picture inputted in software, resultant to a photograph or characters connected to the input picture.

Image enhancement in image processing is a sort of signal dispensation where a photograph or else video outline is treated as two-dimensional signal. Pre-programmed signal processing method is then applied to the inputted picture or else video frame.

Image enhancement in image processing is a subfield of signal and system; however its major focus is imagery. Digital image processing is or else calls DIP in which a developed PC system perform the processing of photograph as well as images. It is not a haphazard procedure, but is implement using well-organized algorithms. The most ordinary example of DIP software is Adobe photoshop, as well as it is a widely-used appliance for such purpose.

Image captures by your camera where other particulars are removed as well as you design it in a means that focus on a main thing then zooming this creates a better excellence and clearer picture. It is formed using a DIP software or else application.

Other than enhancement, digital Image enhancement in image processing services are as well used for image reinstatement, sharpening, zooming, blurring, edge detection, etc. Understanding method of DIP is significant, however what goes with an inclusive learning of DIP is awareness of how the human image works. If you desire to have thorough learning of digital image processing, you must read tutorials regarding how the human eyes imagine objects and how the human brain interpret the imagery seen by the eyes.

Necessary areas covered by DIP are signal and system, calculus as well as probability and fundamental programming skills of accepted languages for example JAVA, C++ or MATLAB. Learning these procedures are occasionally complicated, so consider about how to spend your time plus money wisely. is a famous Image enhancement in image processing company all over the globe. It focuses mostly to deliver high excellence services to their customers. According to the requirements of diverse purposes it provides most excellent solution to the customers. Highly capable and expert employees are there to serve up their best to the clientele. They are devoted to their work. Their constant effort helps the company to succeed growingly day by day. 100% client satisfaction inside budget is the slogan of the company.



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