Best Photo Editing Services For Online Businesses

Best Photo Editing Services For Online Businesses

Are You Looking for Photo Editing Services For Ecommerce Businesses? 

Most e-commerce or online business owners are looking for the best photo editing services for eCommerce businesses. There are many types of photo editing services such as- 

  • Image Enhancement Services
  • Fashion Photo Editing Services
  • Photo Retouching Services
  • Clipping Path Services
  • Photo Touch Up Services
  • E-commerce Product Editing Services
  • Ghost Mannequin Services
  • Image Masking Services
  • Image Manipulation Services
  • Photo Restoration Services
  • Car Photo Editing Services
  • Background Removal Services
  • Color Correction Service


Now we will discuss the essential photo editing services we are regularly using for our e-commerce website or online store. Nowadays, eCommerce businesses are growing, and the covid-19 situation teaches us very well that by using online stores or eCommerce websites, we can avoid gathering and save our valuable time. Let’s discuss background removal and image enhancement services. 

Background removal is an important part of e-commerce. Having a background removed can save you time and money when you have a website that requires a specific color or image. Background removal services can remove any background photo and make it attractive.

In addition, background removal services can help improve the appearance of your website by removing any distractions or obstructions that might be causing lag or other problems.

Best Background Removal Services

Best Background Removal Services provided by Clipping Path Asia


Do you have a website that’s outdated, unprofessional, and in need of a new design? If so, then you might want to consider image enhancement. Image Enhancement is a process of improving the appearance of your website or blog by turning it into an online presence that looks more professional and current. 

Have you ever been frustrated with the way your photos look? They’re pixelated, distorted, and generally not very good. But don’t worry!

Image enhancement makes an image more realistic by increasing brightness, saturation, and contrast. By doing this, you can improve the visibility of any object in a snap. 

Best Image Enhancement Services

Best Image Enhancement Services provided by Clipping Path Asia


Necessary Factor of Photo Editing Services For Online

Your website’s image is an essential part of your business. It reflects the brand, the product, and the customer. If your images are not up to par, your customers will not be happy. To improve your images, you need to understand how to optimize them for online use. When optimizing your images, you need to consider: 

  • Image resolution 
  • Image color 
  • Image brightness 
  • Image contrast 
  • Image saturation


The benefit of Image Background Removal & Image Enhancement 

  • Make your website look more professional and pleasing
  • Improve website appearance
  • Speed up your website
  • Low bounce rate
  • Create attractive & appealing images
  • Maintain perfect combination of resolution, color, brightness, and contrast
  • Increase conversion rate & ROI
  • Rank on search engines

How can you get the best quality at a fraction of the cost?

To get this answer, you have to consider two essential factors. One is Image Quality, and the other is Photo Editing Cost. The cost will depend on some factors such as-

  • Editor expertise
  • Time duration (according to work completion time, it can be  taken 5/10 mins or 1 hour or more hours)
  • Service types (example: background removal and enhancement)
  • Number or quantity of ordered images (example: single project, multiple projects, or bulk images)
  • Client requirements (example: resolution, color, brightness, contrast, etc.)
  • Long-term business relationship


Can you edit your image yourself?

When your clients are shopping online, you need to be sure your images are as good as possible. But what do you do when you don’t have the time or money to get a professional image Enhancement service? Well, there are a few ways to improve your images without spending a fortune. 

You can use online photo editing tools such as Photoshop, GIMP, and Illustrator. You can also use software designed specifically for online photography, such as Picasa or Instagram RAW. You can also use online photo search engines to find high-quality images similar to the ones you want.


So, We can easily understand that online business is now so competitive. If you can express yourself smartly, you will lose your target audience. Online stores can’t create touch & feel environments, but professional photo editing can give you a great professional look or visualization. Now the choice is yours. So, tell us what you think about professional photo editing?

Image Optimization for Ecommerce

Image Optimization for Ecommerce

What is image optimization, and why is it so important for your e-commerce?

Image optimization means reducing the weight of the file without significantly reducing the quality of the file; this is very important so that your page looks good and does not take time to load. It is also related to correctly naming your images to appear better positioned in Google and other search engines – SEO.


What will we learn from optimization?

  1. What images do we use in e-commerce?
  2. How should we name and save the files?
  3. What type of file should we use?
  4. How to work the files?
  5. Programs we recommend
  6. Free resources we recommend


Before continuing … some concepts you should know:

File weight

How heavy is the file that you will upload to your page, for the web we recommend working with files that do not exceed 1MB.

Image size

How long is your image, on the web we use the measurement in pixels.

Type of file

In what format will you save your file and with what color profile, for the web it works in RGB. The file types we generally use are jpg, png, and gif.


1. What images do we use in e-commerce?

Based on our experience in Hajandola, we work with the following categories of images:

  • Product images
  • Graphics for Home
  • Charts for collection pages *
  • Charts for content pages *

* These are optional categories according to the style and content of each e-commerce.



Product images

They are the images that will show what products or services you sell, you can work them in 3 formats: horizontal, vertical or square. The minimum size we recommend using is 1000px, which would apply like this:

  • Horizontal: width (value greater than 1000px) x height (1000px)
  • Vertical: height (value greater than 1000 px) x width (1000 px)
  • Square: height (1000 px) x width (1000 px)


Graphics for Home

They are the images that you will use on your home page (home), here in addition to showing products the idea is to show concepts related to your brand , with your speech, and above all, to structure this page so that user navigation is adequate and as directed as possible.

The images will help highlight content and direct each person on their journey through your e-commerce.

Charts for collection pages and for content pages

These are images that you can use to enhance each of these sections, it will depend on the template you are using how you can integrate them. In the case of collection images, they are useful to show the product in use or the service experience, while content images help to show in a friendly way content that you would otherwise have to write (and we all know that almost nobody reads !)


2. How should we name and save the files

How we name the images will help us with SEO, but also to organize and facilitate the search processes of both the users on the page, as well as ours in our folders and files (the end or end02 here is not very useful)

Product images

If you have SKU

  • Sku_productname_brand.jpg
  • Sku_productname_variant_brand.jpg

If you don’t have SKU

  • Product_name_brand.jpg
  • Productname_variant_brand.jpg

Graphics for home

We recommend that the name of the image refer to the brand and the section in which it is being used.

  • Bannerslidehome_brandname.jpg
  • Bannercoleccionmujerhome_clippingpathasia.jpg
  • Backgroundnewsletterhome_clippingpathasia.jpg
  • Logo_clippingpathasia.jpg

And so on according to the section, they are using



3. What type of file should we use

As we explained before, when we design or create e-commerce images in general, we work with the following formats: jpg, png, and gif.

To know which of them to work with, we recommend, based on our experience with the different templates we have worked with in Shopify, the following:


Photographic images without text


Photographic images with text

Vector images

Images with transparent background


Animated images


We recommend uploading them to YouTube or Vimeo and from that platform link to your website. Remember that autoplay no longer works if you have a video with audio.


4. How to work the files

In general, we recommend working with image editing programs for the files that you will use on your websites, such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

JPG and PNG images


Step 1
To create a new file in Photoshop, you must go to the File> New window



Step 2
Define the measurements of your file, resolution, and the most relevant thing  that is in RGB Color Mode



Step 3
Once your image is ready you must export it for web   File> export> Save for web



Step 4

In the options on the right side, you choose the type of file, in this case, JPG, then the quality, in addition to activating the optimized box. In the lower-left, you can see the weight of the file, and in the lower right the size. The most important thing here is that the convert to sRGB box is checked, so the color profile will adapt to the colors on the screen. 



Step 5

You save with the name indicated according to the file for SEO



For PNG file

As we explained before, if the graphic has a typographic or vector element, it is better to save the file as PNG, for that you must follow the same steps above (up to 4),  but instead of selecting JPG, you select PNG.




For PNG file with transparent background

To preserve the transparent background of your file you must save your graphic as PNG, the only difference with the previous step   is that this time you must select the Transparency box.




5. Programs we recommend

Image edition

  • Photoshop / Lightroom / Illustrator


6. Free resources we recommend

Online Image Editors


Google images for commercial use


Vector image bank, icons, and photographic

            Speed up your editing process using our photo editing service (start your 3 Images free trial now)

Best photo editing services for E-Commerce

Best photo editing services for E-Commerce

To grab the attention of the target customer there is no alternative to high-quality & eye-catching images. Photo editing service is the heart of e-commerce because a photo is worth of thousand words. Let’s start with a beautiful quote from Will Rogers, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression ”. After these two sentences maybe you will get a clear direction about the necessity of photo editing services for your business.

E-commerce Image Editing is the largest photo editing service for not only e-commerce but also these services needed for weddings photography, fashion/model photography, real estate, Jewelry, online business, vehicles industry, etc. Everybody knows that the raw image does not make sense until it has been professionally edited.

If you want to see all the photo editing services at a glance then click here:

US retail e-commerce sales will grow 13.7%, reaching $908.73 billion in 2021. (Source: Insider Intelligence forecast)


We design our segment about the best photo editing services for E-Commerce with the 5 important questions- 

  1. Why do E-Commerce sites need high-quality images?
  2. Do images play a vital role in Your Branding?
  3. Why do consumers love to see eye-catchy product images?
  4. Why is image customization important for e-commerce?
  5. Can high-quality pictures increase engagement & sales?


  1. Why do E-Commerce sites need high-quality images?

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we can realize the scenario, as well as the development of the e-commerce site, is increasing day by day. For this reason, the competition between e-commerce sites or online businesses is so high. 

So, if you want to exist in this e-commerce sector then you should focus on your product images.  We know that when someone purchases at first they focus on the image and then make their decision. But if they see some poor images then neither they will buy your product nor they will recommend it.  If you want to hook your audience then edit your product images and create high-quality & eye-catchy images. 

The advance of High-quality images-

  • Grab customers attention
  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Giving your competitive advantage
  • Increase your social media reach & engagement
  • Reduce paid marketing cost
  • Lead to increased sales


  1. Do images play a vital role in Your Branding?

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs. When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.” — Ansel Adams

When your target audience chooses your product images then she/he will try to explore more information about your products, brand as well as company.  We know that Honda makes motorcycles. Their marketing policy was so innovative for this reason their target audience knows their product by the brand name. The most interesting thing is when people come to the showroom to purchase a motorcycle of another brand then they ask Honda instead of the motorcycle.

So, try to make your images eye-catching. When customers buy this product that time your brand name comes to their minds. 

  1. Why do consumers love to see eye-catchy product images?

High-quality images trigger the customer’s brain instantly rather than poor images. When customers purchase something online then they have no chance to touch and feel the product. So, there is no alternative to high-quality customized images.  Humans like to visualize. So, when they see a product image then they try to compare it with their visualization, and professionally edited images can give them satisfaction. 

  1. Why is image customization important for e-commerce?

One simple image can give you a professional look when an expert customized it according to the target customer’s choices.  The demand for image customization increases day by day as well as the e-commerce industry. Many software has launched continuously and AI has also been added in the image editing sector.  Different sites need different sizes, formats, and features of images. So without customization or editing it, you can’t upload images as per the demand of different sites. 


  1. Can high-quality pictures increase engagement & sales?

If you upload a high-quality image to your e-commerce site then it will work tremendously to increase engagement. When engagement is high then your chance is too high to sell your products and gain the desired revenue.   

Let’s see step by step flowchart about how quality images create impact –

Step1: Make Customized Quality-image

Step2: Increase Traffic

Step3: Create Awareness

Step4: Increase Interest

Step5: Build Desire

Step6: Taking Action

Step7: Generate Revenue

Step8: Possibility of  Remarketing

So, Professional photo editing services are a part of the parcel for the E-Commerce industry or any other business. As entrepreneurs or owners of the e-commerce business or photographer, you should optimize your image to grab the attention of your target audience. 

Clipping Path Asia provides many types of image editing service such as- 
How to Sell Your Photos On Etsy? 9 Steps To Follow

How to Sell Your Photos On Etsy? 9 Steps To Follow

Etsy is a platform where you can promote your photos and make some side income or even turning it into a full-time job. It’s a great way to start selling your work online and gain exposure for your work.

Through an Etsy photography shop, you can sell your images in physical and digital prints and set your rules for each of them. It’s easy to start and gives you an excellent opportunity to promote yourself as a professional photographer.

Sell photos on Etsy

Starting your photography shop Etsy

Creating an account on Etsy is the first step to have your photography shop on the platform. It’s an easy process that only needs an email address to register yourself on the site. Then go to “sell on Etsy” and start the shop creation process.

Etsy listing and transaction fees

After setting your photography shop, it’s time to list your work for sale. Etsy charges $0.20 per listed item on your shop and 5% of the price you sell them for.

Choosing your shop name

It’s Important to choose your shop name wisely and professionally. Your shop name is the first communication you make with your customer. It can be your real first and surname or can be anything else. Just make sure to reflect the passion of your work through it.

Etsy gives you only one instant change to your shop name in case you were not sure about it when you named it for the first time. After that, you’ll need to get approval for any further changes.

Distinguish your shop

You will need to distinguish yourself from others in order to start gaining enough exposure to make sales. You can do that by customizing your shop to highlight your brand between other brands on Etsy. Use the shop icons on your home page to put your logo. Choose a distinctive piece of your work and use it as a cover photo. Use banners as another option to promote your shop.

Setting your policies

Shop policy is an important element you have to consider to avoid potential conflict with your customers. In case you are selling physical prints, you have to state whether you accept exchange or returns after selling or not. You may also set your shipping methods, times, and charges.

It is important to be clear about these points with your customers before moving forward with them with any sale. It also shows how professional and trustworthy you are as a seller.

Listing your items for sale

After setting your policies and customizing your shop the way you prefer, you are ready to move to the next step and list your items for sale. You can sell copyrights for digital photos, posters, canvas prints, etc.. When you list your items, Etsy will charge you $0.20 per item, and your listing will stay active for four months or until sold. If you didn’t make any sales within the four months, you’d need to renew your listing for $0.20 to reactivate it.

Consider a delivery method

In order to let your work reach your customers, you need to consider a delivery method. You have two ways to do that:

1- To print and ship your work yourself. (considering shipping costs, time, and methods).

2- To drop ship your work through a dropshipping service and save yourself the time and effort to focus only on creating.

Promoting your shop

Now that your shop is prepared, and your items are listed, you cannot stay still waiting for customers to come and shop your shop without promoting it. Use social media accounts to gain more exposure and reach more people. Use relevant keywords on your listings to make them easy to reach. Be kind to your customers, and they will recommend you to their friends and family.

Quick tips for a successful selling experience on Etsy

Running your own online shop is not an easy job to do, yet, it’s not impossible.

  • Customer service is a key factor in managing a successful selling process.
  • Be sure to handle your product professionally, do not leave smudges or scratches on it, and pay extra attention to packaging suitability for your product and that it keeps the product safe until it reaches your customer safely.
  • Thank your customers for having business with them to leave them with a friendly customer service experience at the end.


Speed up your editing process using our photo editing service (start your 3 Images free trial now)

eBay Photo Editing Service- Boost Your Sell 40% Now

eBay Photo Editing Service- Boost Your Sell 40% Now

Are you in a hurry to edit your product photos for your eBay listings?

You are just in the right place!

Upload your photos now, and we will start working on them immediately. We will edit your product photos, make them compliant with eBay photos listings regulations, and help you create outstanding product listings that will increase your sales.

Listing product photos on eBay are required to be compliant with eBay’s regulations. Still, apart from that, you should care about every image you list regarding the products you are selling, no matter where you place them.

Background Removal

Why do you need eBay Photo Editing?

If you want to be successful with your online sales, then taking care of your photos is a point that requires special attention. When you list photos in marketplaces, you directly get into competition. So it would be best if you were competitive to have possibilities to succeed.

And so your photos should be appropriate to win clicks and sales. Images that don`t present products correctly or have the proper properties will most likely fail to bring sales.

Listing your product photos is not just a matter of taking a photo and upload it. It is a critical point of the sales procedure.

When a photo shows a product clearly, without distracting factors in it, and with the right light and angles, it is proved that it will make more people click on it more often and look for more info about that product.

So listing product photos should be done with the viewer in mind. A viewer should be presented with an image that will grab his attention and make him want to click it, come into your sales mechanism, and finally buy your product. To get good sales from your product photo listings, you should first care about how you shoot the photos.

The correct distance, the right angle, and the right light are just the main requirements for a good photo. But furthermore, you can get every image enhanced and make it stand out from your competitors and provide the value it is supposed to give viewers.

Additional photos can provide more visual information. This feature should be intensely utilized, as it creates further engagement and gives a complete idea of what the viewer is interested in. With additional photos, you can show your products from several different angles, and you can use more ways to make your products more appealing.

eBay Photo Editing Service

eBay Photo Editing Service At Clipping Path Asia

We, here at, can help you get your products shown with the best matter and attract more buyers. We will make your photos compliant with eBay’s requirements and provide unlimited revisions to make sure your products look just terrific.

Whether you are an individual or a vendor and are listing products in bulk, you can regularly count on us for top-quality product photos, always delivered on time and at exceptional prices. We guarantee 100% of your satisfaction.

Click the button below and get your free trial now!

eBay Photo Editing Services- FAQ

What is the best size for eBay photos?

It seems some people don’t know the answer to this question. The best size for eBay photos is 1000x1000px! They need to be small so the file size is not too large and they can load quickly. If you want your pictures uploaded as soon as possible, please don’t make them bigger than that!

Should I take square photos for eBay?

It depends on what you are selling. Traditionally, a square photo is best for product photos because it’s much easier to show the full item that way (and especially for smaller items). However, when it comes to general products photography, having more area and longer depth of field will result in better shots where everything is in focus.

How large can eBay photos be?

The standard eBay photo size for the US market is now 5Mb–so you’ll want to stay under this limit with your photos. To make it easier, simply choose a lower resolution when you take your photos using a camera phone or digital camera. Take note that even if the final picture that you upload to eBay is more than 10Mb (at an increased image quality), it will still be “downsized” to 5Mb once it goes up on our site. Note: If you’re uploading from your iPhone, try not to use any third-party editing apps or filters before cropping and saving-this can make file sizes get unexpectedly high!



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The importance of product imagery on sales

The importance of product imagery on sales

We live in a digital world where we can take our products to market instantly across a wide range of platforms, including websites and social media platforms.

That means the imagery that we produce and put out across those channels is a key ingredient towards success. Visuals should draw the eyes and attention of potential customers and cut through the sea of competition – but this is a hard goal to achieve.

In this post, we’re covering all the necessary bases to creating high-end, impactful product images for your offering.

How to shoot good product photos

You don’t need to employ a professional photographer to take your snaps for you. We understand that this can sometimes be an expensive process, so if you’re running on a tight budget, a few simple tips and tricks (and some clever editing) may be the better path to take.

Whether you are using a dedicated camera or the niftiness of your own smartphone, ensure you have a tripod for stability in all of your shots. It’s also just as important to use the right lighting. For example:

  • Aim for natural light if your product is designed for use outside;
  • Artificial light to focus on items that have more detail.

Note: We also recommend investing in a reflector to bounce rays to where you need them to go, as well to create a softer appearance and eliminate shadows.

Additionally, try to use real-world backgrounds rather than blank canvases or artificial backdrops. Avoid making it too cluttered as well, as this will steal the focus off of the item you are trying to feature.

How images impact your sales

A quality-driven image is essential. No one is going to buy a product without seeing it in all its glory. But on the other hand, people aren’t willing to buy something that doesn’t have attractive, well-thought-out imagery behind it, so it’s equally as important to get the best shot possible. So, make it your top priority to snatch up pictures that say a thousand words – you’ll thank yourself in the long-run.

The importance of quality images in ecommerce

When people are actively shopping, they want as much detail as they can get. Think of them as being on the fence and your aim is to push them onto your side. You want that sale, and your key to getting it is by hitting the perfect first impression.

Remember these shots are designed to sell your business and your brand to someone who hasn’t made their mind up. The higher the standard, the more serious and professional your brand is going to look.

Is editing important?

It can be tempting to publish raw images, especially when time isn’t on your side. Nonetheless, always give yourself plenty of leeway to edit product photos, if they need a touch-up. If you haven’t got the resources, skills or time to do so, opt for professional editing services – like those at Clipping Path Asia – to help you tick this box.

You wouldn’t sell a half-finished product to the world, so why would you choose half-completed marketing methods to promote them? Put the hard yards in at the start, and you’ll find your end result images will pack the punch you need to sell your products passively. Trust us; it’s worth every penny and hour to create flawless images that look the part of your brand, time and time again.