Is AI-based editing a threat to human editing?

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Written by Mejba Biplob

I am a passionate and experienced professional photo editor with over a decade of experience in the industry. I have an eye for capturing life’s most precious moments and using my skills to create beautiful images that last forever. In addition to photography, I also teach Photoshop and other photo editing software as well as providing creative consultation on how best to showcase your photography work online.

October 21, 2021

AI-based editing software is not a threat to human editing or manual editing services. It is and will be a very much helpful and time savers tool. It will help us to reduce the boring repetitive work. 

Our observation about AI-based Editing & Human Editing

  • Remember that helping tools can not replace the creator because human creates AI, not AI creates human.   
  • AI can suggest to us about editing but it can’t make the final decision and at the end of the day, the professional will make it creative according to the client’s queries.  
  • Human is creative, the machine is not. Machine or AI can help for the repeated work
  • Humans can make instant decisions. But, AI-based editing software can do what has already been instructed by humans. 
  • AI can’t measure and evaluate how much editing will need to be done
  • AI-based photo editing software will make the work easier and save our time but it can’t replace the quality and creativity of human editing. 
  • AI-based editing software helps us which is previously defined. So, if the client wants natural editing then it depends on the previous work. If the previous editing was the same to same or quite similar then AI-based software will work perfectly. 
  • Researchers, scientists, engineers, developers, analysts, and so many people try to implement hassle-free smooth systems by developing AI. The machine is learning through the help of humans. So, how can we say that creation will replace the creator! 


Human Editing vs AI-based Editing

Consider some examples and think AI-based editing replaces human editing is a fallacy or not!  


Here, we represent one image that is an example of photo restoration. For this kind of service, you need a lot of expertise as well as creative thinking. If you want to know the work process then check our photo restoration services then you realize that is it possible by the AI-based editing software or not!


Here, we represent another image that is an example of photo retouching. For this kind of service, you need proper knowledge about advanced color adjustment, the contrast of a picture, etc. If you want to know the work process then check our photo retouching services then you realize that is it possible by the AI-based editing software or not!

Advantages of AI-based Editing:

AI-based editing is a blessing to us. AI-based editing has several advantages which are listed below- 

  • Reduce repetitive boring work 
  • Clipping efficiently
  • Remove background noise
  • Saving time
  • Giving suggestion
  • Assist the professional
  • Sometimes reduce dependency
  • Work faster


Is human editing demand decreasing nowadays?

It is not completely true but partially true. Some small entrepreneurs or online business owners, now use AI-based software for simple clipping, background removal as well as some basic improvement. But giant e-commerce or online business owners rely on human-based manual editing. Because they need heavy, perfect, eye-catchy, and creative editing. 


So, It is a fallacy or misconception that AI-based editing software will completely replace human editing. AI is a blessing for us. It will make great changes and it will assist us in the repetitive work as well as help us in more creative works. 



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