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We all try to capture the best and the most precious moments of our life in the form of a picture or a photograph. Whenever we have a glimpse of these pictures, it brings a smile on our face. But as the time passes, the image loses its luster and the paper tends to degrade, or it may tear away at some point in time.

Photo editing is an art which brings back the originality and vigor and consequently the emotions with the picture. Photo editing involves:

Replacing of photo background

-Clippings along with adjusting the brightness

-Contrast of the picture

This technique can also be used for removing or eliminating minor and major scratches, dust spots and stains.

Photo Editing Techniques

Photo editing method is a process which involves several services such as:

Photo Restoration



-Vector Conversion

 Clipping Path 

 Photo Cutout

  1. Photo Restoration is a process of retaining the original picture from damaged photographs which are faded due to marks, dust, stains and several scratches. It is the process of adjusting the color, sharpness and brightness levels with the removal and repairing of missing and damaged areas.
  2. Now an old family photograph can turn into a great photograph without damaging the originals contents of the photo.

Photo Enhancement is another photo editing process which can be used for complete remodeling of the photograph by editing some details of the photos. The editing of the pictures includes the alteration of faces, skins, objects, products, etc.

This is a process required by the photographs which are dull, damaged or of poor quality. This service is mainly employed for Modeling companies, publishing or printing, and jewelry industry. Nearly all of the published photos or the professional model portfolios are formally enhanced. Photo enhancing service involves:

– Enhancing the sharpness of the image

-Removal of unwanted objects

-Change of background from photographs

  1. Photo Retouching is a process which is widely used by nearly all of the leading professional photographers. This technique adds a great professional look to your original photo. The retouching of the photograph gives portrait effect to your picture, and also several other features can also be added to the picture such as:

-Adding text


– Giving reflection effects

One can add even the motion effect to your picture, but it requires specific software’s and this task should be handled by the professionals only.

  1. Vector Conversion is a process of remodeling the faded and blurred photographs into the hand drawn vector photo. This service can convert any logo, artwork, badges, maps, stencils, crests, cartoons to hand drawn vector images. This is the technique which can be used for printing the raster, bitmap or hand drew images on the prints or the advertisements.
  2. Clipping path is a vector path which permits the part of the picture to display while neglecting the rest. This service is more like an image editing program which is functionally equivalent to a mask. This is used for separating the image of the object from the background of the photograph which makes the image opaque according to the requirement.

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