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January 10, 2018

How to Use the Gnu Image Manipulation Program- the next level expert

Whether it is an e-commerce website or an online website, after a photoshoot, images are required to undergo the image editing or the retouching process for the professional touch, For this reason, you need to know how to use Gnu Image Manipulation Program.

GIMP is a free software for these kinds of photo editing work. With their numerous sophisticated tools, customization options and 3rd party plugins – you are able to enhance your productivity to the next level.

Such a powerful image manipulation software can have you intimated! However, although you are not familiar with its complex functionalities, GIMP will prove to be very handy for fast image modifications. Below are a few examples of some image modifications to help beginners kick-start their journey of powerful image editing capabilities through this software.

Image manipulation

GIMP Quickies

  • Changing the size of an image: One of the most common needs in image editing is the resizing of it. Changing the scale of the size of an image is absolutely easy to accomplish in GIMP.

Upon opening an image in GIMP, there are chances that the image will be zoomed in order to fit the whole image on your canvas. The information at the top of the window will show the pixel dimensions of your current image. To resize the image to new dimensions, you need to open the Scale Image dialog:

Image Scale Image

Once the Scale Image dialog opens, you can now enter new values for Width and Height. If you want to use a different type of value, for example in percentage, you can change the type by clicking on the “px” spinner. Once you are done, you can export your image as follows:

File → Export

  • Cropping an image: Another commonly needed image editing function is cropping an image to remove the useless portions of it. Cropping an image in GIMP is, as well, pretty straightforward. You can either click on the Crop Tool on the tools palette or, you can get the crop tool from the menus as follows: Tools → Transform Tools → Crop

Once the Crop Tool is activated, you can then Left-click anywhere on the image and drag the mouse to highlight a section for cropping. You do not have to be precise at this point. You will be able to alter the final selection before really cropping.

When you’re pleased with the cropping region, you can then press Enter to crop the image. You can press Esc to go back if you want to re-do it or cancel it.

  • Flipping an image: The “Transform menu” presents two options: Flip Horizontally and Flip Vertically. This action will mirror the image along the stated axis.
  • Rotating an image: On the “Transform menu,” you can rotate your image to either 90° clockwise/counter-clockwise, or 180°.

Above video all about How to UseGnuu Image Manipulation Program. hopefully, you learn something?

So those were some of the common modifications that a lot of people look to make, without having to extensively learn about image processing. However, the GIMP software is definitely capable of carrying out numerous complex retouching for images to make them look absolutely professional. you may try our company clipping path asia.



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