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A clipping path indesign is a shape that functions like a cut-out mask – anything inside the image displays while the outer part of it does not. This tool is a very handy way of displaying just the pieces of graphics that you want to be displayed, such as cutting out extraneous background or the largest part of the image. It is usually used in controlling text to wrap in graphics.

If you want to import a graphic that does not have its own clipping path, you have two sets of options to create a clipping path InDesign. InDesign can crop an imported TIFF, EPS, or Photoshop graphic using the clipping path or an alpha channel saved with the file. When the imported graphic includes more than one path, you can choose path to use for clipping path.

Clipping Path InDesign: How It Works?

Using clipping paths in InDesign is useful in blocking out areas of an image and makes a text wrap around the leftover image.

  • Since clipping path is a cutout tool to separate the background from the entire image, this shape can be used in InDesign, or you can just import an image with a clipping path attached to it.

clipping path indesign

You can create a clipping path InDesign using a drawing tool, here’s how:

  • Choose File→ Place then browse to locate an image.
  • With the drawing tool, generate a path right on the top of the image. (The path should be created for it to contain the image)
  • With the Selection tool, click to choose the image then choose File→ Cut.
  • Select the shape you made in Step One and choose Edit→ Paste Into.

Creating clipping path in your image will give you an easy time doing your editing work. With the clipping path InDesign, your photo will be enhancing better.



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