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January 17, 2018

What is New in Photoshop CC? Learn about the new technology of adobe and upgrade yourself. 

Over the years, one company that has stood out as one of the top software companies is AdobeSystems. This company has excelled with its Photoshop software for graphic designers and photographers.

They are known for employing the latest technology, thus allowing their customers creative freedom in design and editing. Just when you think they’ve given it all in their latest version of the software, then, another version hits the market.

This was exactly the case with the introduction/launch of the new Photoshop CC. This got a lot of people wondering what’s different or what has changed from the previous versions of Adobe CS4, CS5, and CS6 and so on.

Differences between Photoshop (CS6, CS, CS4, CS5, CC)

So if you’re one of those wondering if the upgrade is worth anything to you and your workflow, consider its features.

A New Curvature Pen Tool

This is definitely an improved way of creating curved paths. It makes the process more intuitive, precise and faster. Instead of making use of Bezier, you can simply use pull and push segments of the path. This is perfect for those who are new to drawing of curved lines as it makes the process a lot simpler than the previous versions.


The major upgrade in brushes

One of the major improvements of the Photoshop CC is the brushes. The improved brush allows for dragging and dropping of the reorder, creating folders (and subfolders), toggling new view modes, and scaling the brush stroke preview. Also, with features like blend mode and opacity, you can save brush presets. So generally, there’s been a reworking on the brush organization – more effective and faster.


Lightroom CC integration

With the Photoshop CC, you have easy access to the Lightroom cloud catalog. You can now find this feature on the start screen and also through search. This is to allow for easy access to your photos synced to the cloud using the Lightroom CC. It will also help save time when you want to send images from one place to another. This is especially true when it has to do with those images captured through the Lightroom mobile version.


360 Panorama Editing

You can now open and edit, and afterward export 360-degree panoramas. In doing so, crucial metadata still remains intact in the files. This way, through your Photoshop editing, your images are still compatible with other panorama viewers. Even in a spherical workspace, you can still pan and zoom around.

Range masking in Adobe Camera Raw

Before now, it was difficult to make precise local adjustments, but this has changed with the Range Masking featured in theAdobe Camera Raw of the Photoshop CC. Creating a mask, whether based on luminance or color can be done quickly.


New Learn Panel

This should get every newbie in Photoshop editing excited. This panel features basic tutorials to help get you started and acquainted with the various Photoshop features (whether new or old), and it’s contained inside Photoshop itself.


The Photoshop CC is really an improvement on the prior version of the software. The lists of new features are just endless. Other improved features include new Adobe stock integration, copying, and pasting, improved font management, refine edge tool, and the list just goes on and on. All of these are aimed towards making customers express their creativity and unique ideas easily. Whether you are creating vector graphics in illustrator or editing an image with Photoshop, or even laying out a page in InDesign, the Photoshop CC gives you more precision and control with your graphics production.


Clipping Path Asia describes what is new in Photoshop CC (Creative Cloud) is prepared for photographers, designers, videographers and 3D artists. Let’s take a look:

1. Web graphics could be auto-generated by Photoshop CC:

Slicing becomes easier and user-friendly. If you were active a plugin called generator then your

website images generate automatically place part by part. You could change color, text, larger image, different pictures.

You don’t need to generate again for changes. It will automatically fix and make those. You could place some tags on an image.

Here are the supported tags:

PNG: .png (Default value: pnd8w/alpha), .png8, .png24, .png32

Jpeg: .jpg (Default Value: 8), .jpg(1-10), .jpg(1-100%)

GIF: .gif

Scalling: -1-n%, (Number)px x (Number)px


“200% logo-retina.png, logo.png, tuningfork.jpg40%” will include both a 2x and a 1x image and a jpeg image.

We are going to prepare a tutorial on this. Next week we will post this complete tutorial. So keep in touch on OUR BLOG. For more Clipping Path Asia

2. Camera Shake Reduction Filter

If you have got taken an endeavor that’s slightly hazy thanks to camera movement.

RC metropolis shows a way to use a replacement filter to create that image sharp.

For more Clipping Path Asia

3. Abode Camera Raw

Adobe Camera Raw 8 has new reduction options.

For more Clipping Path Asia

Filter: Adobe Camera Raw:

The Camera Raw plugin provides associate degree intuitive thanks to editing your photos.

In Photoshop CC you’ll add Camera Raw by applying it as a filter.

For more Clipping Path Asia

4. Super Sharpening in Photoshop CC

More sensible sharpening in Photoshop CC.

For more Clipping Path Asia

5. Syncing presets in Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC may set your most important content in the Creative Cloud.

For more Clipping Path Asia

6. Image Resizing in Photoshop

Image resizing has become easier in Photoshop CC.

For more Clipping Path Asia

7. type rendering in Photoshop CC

Photoshop CC includes a replacement model rendering choice for sub-element text.

For more Clipping Path Asia

8. style enhancements in Photoshop CC

There are many custom improvements have drained Photoshop artistic Cloud.

Such as:

Multiple Path choices,

Rounded corner writing for shapes and

Behance Integration.

For more Clipping Path Asia

9. Painting in 3D

Photoshop CC includes many new ways in which to color in 3D.

Layer Projection vs. Projection painting is that the great half.

Photoshop CC includes many new ways in which to color in 3D conjointly.

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