The ultimate way to make your car look good in pictures

The ultimate way to make your car look good in pictures

For a lot of us, our cars are our pride and joy – whether they’re the latest model streetcar, a project vehicle sitting in the garage, or an import that we’re dying to show off. No matter the kind of vehicle you’ve got stashed away, we know all the right ways to make the perfect first impression when it finally does get the chance to hit the road.

When you are looking to photograph your vehicle and give it some hard-earned glamour to hit the market with, there are some golden rules that you should stick to ensure your biggest asset looks its very best.

Snapping car photography that’ll turn heads

Don’t go overboard with the background

It can be tempting to go for a dramatic backdrop – such as an impressive building, bridge, natural setting or panoramic landscape – but remember that your car should be the hero of the shot. Don’t let the setting steal the spotlight. Instead, opt for a subtle yet engaging environment that complements the look and feel of your vehicle, without hindering the result you’re after.

Lighting is everything

There are two magic periods of the day where you’re able to get the perfect amount of natural light for your photos: the first hour after sunrise and the dusk period just before sunset.

There’s something about the sunlight’s ability to stream in at lower angles, lighting up the scene with brilliant shades of whites and oranges – so use this to your advantage. This will also save you time and effort when the editing process rolls around.

Watch out for reflections

This is one of the more tricky elements in a photoshoot, as cars have so many reflective surfaces to tackle – including the windows and mirrors. When you’re gearing up to snap your pictures, observe how light is reflecting off the car, and try to find an angle where there are no reflections. Open spaces will assist you with this, mostly because there are less environmental factors that can also cause shadows or mirror-like results.

Shoot your car while it is on the move

The best shots come from strategic on-road techniques. Adopt an old Hollywood trick by snapping your car from another moving vehicle. Obviously, safety is paramount with this technique, so ensure you’re using qualified and experienced drivers and a photographer that is securely strapped in. If in doubt, use a method that’s more in line with your skill level.

Outsource the editing to professionals

Getting the most out of your image requires time behind the scenes to bring the very best details to the forefront.

For those that are not familiar or skilled at using a car photo editor, Clipping Path Asia provides an affordable, fast and convenient way to outsource your photo editing, allowing you to achieve the perfect balance. Remove imperfections and enhance all the right features to make a lasting impression – a much-needed benefit when you’re looking to sell your vehicle on a highly competitive market.

If you’re not sure how to get started, contact our experts now by filling in our online form or by sending us a message through our live chat feature.

The importance of product imagery on sales

The importance of product imagery on sales

We live in a digital world where we can take our products to market instantly across a wide range of platforms, including websites and social media platforms.

That means the imagery that we produce and put out across those channels is a key ingredient towards success. Visuals should draw the eyes and attention of potential customers and cut through the sea of competition – but this is a hard goal to achieve.

In this post, we’re covering all the necessary bases to creating high-end, impactful product images for your offering.

How to shoot good product photos

You don’t need to employ a professional photographer to take your snaps for you. We understand that this can sometimes be an expensive process, so if you’re running on a tight budget, a few simple tips and tricks (and some clever editing) may be the better path to take.

Whether you are using a dedicated camera or the niftiness of your own smartphone, ensure you have a tripod for stability in all of your shots. It’s also just as important to use the right lighting. For example:

  • Aim for natural light if your product is designed for use outside;
  • Artificial light to focus on items that have more detail.

Note: We also recommend investing in a reflector to bounce rays to where you need them to go, as well to create a softer appearance and eliminate shadows.

Additionally, try to use real-world backgrounds rather than blank canvases or artificial backdrops. Avoid making it too cluttered as well, as this will steal the focus off of the item you are trying to feature.

How images impact your sales

A quality-driven image is essential. No one is going to buy a product without seeing it in all its glory. But on the other hand, people aren’t willing to buy something that doesn’t have attractive, well-thought-out imagery behind it, so it’s equally as important to get the best shot possible. So, make it your top priority to snatch up pictures that say a thousand words – you’ll thank yourself in the long-run.

The importance of quality images in ecommerce

When people are actively shopping, they want as much detail as they can get. Think of them as being on the fence and your aim is to push them onto your side. You want that sale, and your key to getting it is by hitting the perfect first impression.

Remember these shots are designed to sell your business and your brand to someone who hasn’t made their mind up. The higher the standard, the more serious and professional your brand is going to look.

Is editing important?

It can be tempting to publish raw images, especially when time isn’t on your side. Nonetheless, always give yourself plenty of leeway to edit product photos, if they need a touch-up. If you haven’t got the resources, skills or time to do so, opt for professional editing services – like those at Clipping Path Asia – to help you tick this box.

You wouldn’t sell a half-finished product to the world, so why would you choose half-completed marketing methods to promote them? Put the hard yards in at the start, and you’ll find your end result images will pack the punch you need to sell your products passively. Trust us; it’s worth every penny and hour to create flawless images that look the part of your brand, time and time again.

Is a selfie a headshot?

Is a selfie a headshot?

We know you already know the answer to this one.

While advances in technology mean that our mobile devices are capable of taking incredible photos, there are enormous differences between a selfie and a headshot.

A headshot is supposed to be a professional representation of yourself: an image that you would proudly use on your corporate or business website; social media platforms and other assets to help sell your brand and business identity.

No matter how well you think you can ‘selfie’, or how good you might think your selfie stick plays the part, you are never going to achieve that professional result by reversing the lens on your phone and simply tapping your screen – trust us.

There are many layers to a professional headshot; it’s a fine art to get the right image that correctly displays your brand identity and can be used as the face of your company. So pop down the selfie stick and follow our guide to getting the best possible corporate headshot.

What is considered a headshot?

These are semi-close up photos used by the corporate world, including professionals of all walks of life. These days, they’re also widely prominent in resumes, portfolios, on websites and social media platforms like LinkedIn. You’ll find them in marketing, recruitment, promotional campaigns and in general as a way to put a human face to a company or brand.

What makes a good headshot?

A professional set of equipment is required for a great snap, and a mobile device is not quite going to cut it. Smartphones are designed to do many things, including taking photos, in a condensed device that is designed to fit in your pocket. Still, a professional headshot needs a studio or particular set up to get all the elements necessary.

Most of these kinds of images are shot with a neutral background and specialised lighting, all of which is arranged and designed to make you the focus of the image. A photographer will also frame your body correctly, ensuring your hair and makeup is reflected well and that your smile ties it all together.

Lighting and composition are essential elements in professional shots like this – something of which is often left out in the good, old selfie.

Why editing is a must

Getting the lighting 100 percent right for a headshot can be extremely challenging, even for the most accomplished photographers out there. Many of these issues are cleaned up in the editing process.

Quality editing can enhance lines, remove shadows, bring other objects in and out of focus and create a clean, sharp and highly professional image. If there are bits and pieces out of place, experts can tidy up any imperfections that need ironing out. However, as this process is exceptionally finicky, we always recommend using headshot retouching services to complete this part of the journey.

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend speaking with our friendly team on the best options for your needs, and any considerations you might need to keep in mind for your headshot photography.

Yes, you can edit your layer masks. Here’s how

Yes, you can edit your layer masks. Here’s how

Masking in Photoshop is one of the most critical functions available, as it allows you total control over each layer.

While there are features that can change the entire surface of a layer (opacity, etc.), this particular option will impact the whole element. Masking gives you more precise control and allows you to have different settings on different parts of your layer.

What is Photoshop masking?

Essentially, a mask is when parts of an image have pixel intensity values of zero, and others have values of non-zero. This renders parts of the image effectively invisible so that you can apply different effects on certain parts of the layer, rather than the entirety of it. This allows for much greater finetuning, which inevitably makes it a highly useful tool for a designer.

What’s the difference between layer masks and clipping masks?

There are two different kinds of masking: layer and clipping masks. While they both effectively perform the same function, the application is very different.

You can change the transparency of an image with a layer mask in Photoshop that uses monochromatic colours. If the mask is set to white, it is 100 per cent visible. If it is set to black, it is 100 percent invisible. You use the greyscale colours in between to set the transparency.

Using these features lets you control the visibility, providing designers with a flexible tool that’s far more practical than the eraser. Moreover, it’s a safer option to make use of, given once part of your image has been erased, it is gone forever (oops).

Clipping masks involve a similar process, but they don’t use the monochromatic grayscale colour range – which we will explain further.

Creating a clipping mask in Photoshop

Instead of using monochromatic grayscale, a clipping mask will use the transparency of the layer beneath. This is useful when you want to use a different colour and texture on your existing layer – for example, in writing.

You could use a layer of fire and place the writing ‘fire’ on top of it. By using a clipping mask, you can make the letters in the word fire have the same flamelike appearance.

How to edit your layer mask

It is a relatively simple process to edit your layer mask.  Just follow these simple steps to achieve the result you desire:

  • Choose the layer that has the mask that you want to edit from the ‘Layers’ panel in Photoshop.
  • The ‘Mask’ thumbnail will be visible in the ‘Layers’ panel. Select this.
  • You can choose any of the editing or painting tools, with the foreground and background colours assuming grayscale values.
  • If you want to make the layer more transparent, paint the mask with white. For partial visibility, paint it grey. And if you want to hide it completely, paint the mask black.

It is also possible to edit the layer instead of the mask if you prefer. Just select that particular thumbnail in the ‘Layers’ panel and a border will appear.Need a hand?  Trust the team at Clipping Path to do all the hard work for you. We make editing your images easy, with all the finer details taken care of from start to finish.

List of Bad Photo Editing Customers-2012-2020

List of Bad Photo Editing Customers-2012-2020

Hello, Dear Industry colleagues! we have been suffering from bad customers since 2012. as they get the job done by us but not making any payment or communication. below are the company or individual not paid after job done. So be aware of them.

You make comments about your bad customers. So we will add the list. I hope it will help our industry to not lose time & money.


Sinnema Consultancy

Jitze Sinnema
Wagenaarstraat 379
1093CN Amsterdam

Midtgaard Group

Henrik Midtgaard
Lille friheden 2, 1F
2650 Hvidovre

Advertising and Media Company

Aegis MENA
12 Floor Al Shorouq Tower,
Jaber Al Ahmed St. Sharq
+965 22282366

Chokogaver ApS

Michael Bæk Simonsen
Industrivej 27A
7080 Børkop

B. Rasche e.K.

Tino Schlosser
Lindenstr. 21
16230 Melchow

Dojo Photo

Greg Wilson


Niclas Hechmann Photography / NHP

Niclas Hechmann

Retortvej 58, 3sal.
2500 Valby

Neo Photography

Lance Worthington
Riverside Studios
2a Queens Road Sheffield S2 4DG
United Kingdom
 0114 2720206

Jas Bhachu

18 Henry Street
Liverpool L1 5FS
United Kingdom


Moe Shehadeh
5353 E 2nd st
Long Beach ca 90803

Wildcard Digital

jason stevens
Ft. Lauderdale Florida
United States

FotoGraffi Agency Limited

83 Ducie Street, Manchester
M1 2JQ
United Kingdom
(44) 0844 807 4671

Go Entertainment Group Ltd

Darren Roberts
Broadley House,48 Broadley Terrace
London NW1 6LG
United Kingdom

Snaply Naehkram

Simon Hoennebeck e.K.
Freisinger Str. 22
84072 Au i.d. Hallertau
+49 8752 869675


Dirk Van Elslande
Boomsesteenweg 49A unit 13
2610 Antwerpen (Wilrijk)

Dr Zak’s Ltd

Tom Dow
Unit 3 Sterling Court Sterling Way
Borehamwood Herts WD6 2BT
United Kingdom
+44 (0)333 023 7874

Simon apel

simon apel
77 morton st
brooklyn ny 11249
United States

Eric Jimenez Photography

Eric Jimenez
Edinburg, Texas
United States

LK Fashion Trade SAS

Laurent Kopp
34 Rue Jean Jacques Moerlen
67140 BARR

Elanthi Tharmakulasingam

Röntgenvägen 1 lgh 2319
141 52 Huddinge,

TPS Creative UK


Owner | Photographic & Retouching at

Phone : +44 7941 905086


Brenda Loecke
399 Hay Street Subiaco
6008 Western
+61 (8) 9381 5446


Tommy Melvinson
598 22 Vimmerby

Weiland Design & Druck

Thomas Weiland
Stich 76
52249 Eschweiler


Torsten Wittelsbacher
T8 Maple Avenue, Stillorgan/Sandyford Industrial Estate
A94RT20 Dublin

Alex Jones

Blk 3013, Bedok Ind PK
E #04-2120 Singapore 489979
Professional photo editing service making your business grow

Professional photo editing service making your business grow

All you are trying to capture the best moments of life form photographs. Whenever we have a glimpse of these pictures, it brings a smile on our faces. But as time passes, the image loses its luster, and the paper tends to degrade, or it may tear away at some point in time.

Photo editing is an art that brings back the originality and vigor and, consequently, the emotions with the picture. Photo editing services involve:

– Replacing of photo background

Clippings along with adjusting the brightness

The contrast of the picture

The above technique can also be used for removing or eliminating minor and significant scratches, dust spots, and stains.

Other Photo Editing Techniques

Photo editing services method is a process which involves several services such as:

– Photo Restoration

– Enhancement


– Vector Conversion

 Clipping Path 

  Photo Cutout

Photo Restoration: is a process of retaining the original picture from damaged photographs that are faded due to marks, dust, stains, and several scratches. It is the process of adjusting the color, sharpness, and brightness levels with the removal and repairing of missing and damaged areas.

Now an old family photograph can turn into a great picture without damaging the original’s contents of the photo.

Photo Enhancement: is another photo editing process that can be used for a complete remodeling of the photograph by editing some details of the photos. The editing of the pictures includes the alteration of faces, skins, objects, products, etc.

That is a process required by the photographs which are dull, damaged or of poor quality. This service is mainly employed for Modeling companies, publishing or printing, and the jewelry industry. Nearly all of the published photos or the professional model portfolios are formally enhanced. Photo enhancing service involves:

Improving the sharpness of the image

Removal of unwanted objects

Photo Retouching: is a process that is widely used by nearly all of the leading professional photographers. This technique adds a great professional look to your original photo. The retouching of the photograph gives a portrait effect to your picture, and also several other features can also be added to the image such as:

Adding text


– Giving reflection effects

One can add even the motion effect to your image, but it requires specific software’s and this task should be handled by the professionals only.

Vector Conversion: is a process of remodeling the faded and blurred photographs into the hand-drawn vector photo. This service can convert any logo, artwork, badges, maps, stencils, crests, cartoons to hand-drawn vector images. That is the technique that can be used for printing the raster, bitmap or hand drew pictures on the prints or the advertisements.

Clipping path: is a vector path that permits the part of the picture to display while neglecting the rest. This service is more like an image editing program, which is functionally equivalent to a mask.

    Grow your online business

    Are You Looking Fast, Reliable and Low-Cost Images Editing Service Provider for your online business?

    Then you have found a new home! It’s Clipping Path Asia! Delve our services are first-rate quality as well as industry-leading.

    Our in-house professionals have their expertise; Photoshop and InDesign, we have the people that are best fit to do the job for you. Want to see the quality of our work? There many examples online at here Sample images.

    We provide free trials for all our photo editing services

    Clipping Path Asia can be the product photo editing company where you can send all the images you want to edit, any time of the day, from any part of the world. No matter where you are right now and no matter what time it is, our photo editing experts provide the service you are looking for; pleasant, fast, hassle-free, and with excellent output.

    So, why should you choose us when there are lots of companies that offer the same services? 

    The answer is simple. We deliver high-quality work with quick turnaround times at the lowest prices. Our in-house experts are highly skilled, particularly when it comes to photo processing. As a result, they always get it right the first time.



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